British Ships lost in the Falklands war.

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Username, Jun 13, 2010.

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  1. Just a query, how many British Ships went down in the Falklands war? At the moment i have;


    Are these correct and are there any others? Thanks :)
  2. Atlantic Conveyor to be added to that list.
  3. Yeah Atlantic Conveyor.
  4. Thanks. I also saw somewhere that HMS FEARLESS went down, however i have not seen this fact anywhere else, is this true?

  5. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Mod Edit:

    *Shakes head in amazement at stupidity of this thread...*

    If the OP can use his 'pooter to access RR, he is just as capable of using Google.

    Moved to The Gash Barge accordingly...

    :shock: :roll:
  6. Username Edit:

    *Shakes head in amazment at stupidity of this thread...*

    The OP explained that he'd looked on google and got different results and thought he'd check up on here to make sure.
  7. Actually, RFA Sir Galahad was not sunk by the Argentines at all. She was badly damaged at Bluff Cove and later towed out to sea and sunk by HMS Onyx.

    Sorry, but the OP is just too lazy to look around the net to gather the information and there are plenty of books out there as well.
  8. Lazy? i prefer popping to the other room and finding stuff out fast then having to keep going to the library.

    Last time i checked RR was on the net. I came on here to find some info, so i did come onto the net and gather information.

    So basicly what's the point in RR if when someone posts a query you're going to get anoyed? look brigham, pop your tampon back in and come back when you've had a power nap x
  9. Blackrat

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    Oooooooh. Tetchy.
  10. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    PM sent, Username. :evil:
  11. Bore off
  12. I want to pull your mangina out with a crochet hook, inflate it with the methane from your decaying father's corpse and give it as a novelty balloon to your mother whilst playing the percussion part of 'God Save the Queen' on her spine. With a kettle bell.
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  14. Blackrat

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    He is that. You want to see him when he's annoyed.
  15. I like that JJ, very inventive. Did you do a course or is it natural ability? If it's a course, how do I get on it :)
  16. It's a natural ability born of a natural dislike of idiots. Like 'The Force' you have to nurture it through the zealous use of bitterness, and the ability to see the world as a violent Japanese cartoon.

    You'll get there mucker; you're an 'orrible cunt too :D
  17. This is brilliant!

    I will now only post in the gash barge. Can one of the decent MODs please direct all newbies here so I can give them some proper advice.


    Cunty Bollock-Mcfuckety of Rimming, Hoopshire.
  18. I must have spent too long isolated from society on boats. Any throbbers we had were slowly dissected with blunt hacksaws and ejected from the gash gun for fish food.

    They normally had a warning first though. That was putting their heads in the Hobart spud peeler and seeing if they could grow their faces back before we got back off patrol.

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