British Services' Makalu Expedition 2008 - Support Trek


Would you like to go to the Himalayas?

Are you a junior member of the services and within your first three years of Service?

If so, apply for the MAKALU 2008 Junior Team Support Trek. No previous experience or qualifications are required. The junior team will complement 2 senior teams making an attempt on MAKALU (the worlds 5th highest mountain) and a development team attempting Penthangste. The Junior Team will mount a support trek comprising 8 junior personnel from across the 3 services. The trekking team will follow the approach route of the other 3 teams, passing through their respective base camps. They will then cross the high pass into the Khumbu valley and exit via Lukla airfield. The trekking team will be in country for approx 4 weeks over the dates 5 May-28 May 2008 inclusive and a personal contribution of £400 is expected.

If you are interested complete the DIN, ensuring that you get it endorsed by your Commanding Officer. Completed Applications should be returned to Major David Jones NLT 30th March 2007. [email protected]

See Climb Navy website for the DIN

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