British Nuclear Test Veterans

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by secondpartoftheportwatch, Apr 2, 2008.

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  1. The deadline is approaching for you, or more likely your relatives to join the multi-party action against MOD.

    If you know a relative of yours participated in the 1950 British Nuclear Tests ask them to contact :-

    Rosenblatt Solicitors
    0207 955 0880
  2. Get over it FFS :pukel: :pukel: :pukel:

    Rosenblatt are after your money.

    If you were 20 in 1950 you are still active in 2008 then I put it to you that you are in rude health.
  3. If the MOD only paid out £8K for some of the victims of its Porton Down experiments I wonder if it's worth all the hassle. Mind you, I'd like the persons responsible for all those misleading requests for volunteers (and I don't mean scapegoating the junior officials who sent them out) to spend a few years, studying at close quarters, the interior decoration of one of HM Prisons! :evil:
  4. But if they were 20 in 1950 but dead by 1960 Rosenblatts and relatives will benefit.
  5. Who is going to dig them up to make a determination, and definitive cause of death...More like good money after bad..
  6. Presumption of guilt perhaps. Those thalidomide guinea pigs still alive are in the "rudest" of health presumably according to Pinch. Are the Nuclear Test veterans' grandchildren with varying degrees of genetic disorders in the "rudest" of health? Whose good money after whose bad?
  7. Oi Pinch

    Stop talking as if we (test veterans) are not here and it might pay to know the facts. Firstly the "tests" were in the 1950's not 1950. The ones creating the most interest were the Hydrogen Bomb tests which started in 1957 although some nuclear atom bomb tests were carried out before that time. I was present in 1957 and was 18 at the time and consider myself lucky to still be around but that does'nt mean that I am in "rude good health" as you put it far from it.

    Before you make trite little comments like "get over it ffs" with your little pukey face I suggest that you go and read up on what actually took place at these tests.
  8. If anyone thinks Rosenblatts are going to get anywhere with the MOD, good luck to them.

    I've experienced MOD's stonewalling first hand when the Bomb tests come up.

    'No comment, no connection, **** off and die' sums their attitude up very nicely, and die is what my old man did, eaten alive with inoperable cancers in his stomach, bowel, pancreas and liver at 55 yrs old.
  9. If you know a relative of yours participated in the 1950 British Nuclear Tests ask them to contact :-

    Rosenblatt Solicitors
    0207 955 0880

    Ok Numb Nuts read the fecking post it said 1950 OK.

    Thus my comment stands you will NOT stand a chance of getting a bean out of the MOD and only line the pockets of Rosanblatt Solicitors :pukel: :pukel: and the Pukey face is for the Lawyers.... Not the vets :thumright:
  10. You are right that the legal profession will make a fortune at the expense of nuclear participants and others They will have to pay Rosenblatts if they lose and MOD inflicts punitive costs and damages--They lose in any case as MOD are paying a number of lawyers from the private sector as MOD and Treasury lawyers are not up to the job. They'll be paying them as well through their taxes. None of that means they should throw in the towel but continue to embarrass our useless Defence Ministers

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