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Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by Zoidberg, Feb 12, 2010.

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  1. I go to these fairly regularly, a lot of the instructors are HAC PTIs and I get free sessions as an HAC member. They also do sessions on Hampstead Heath, Hyde Park, Clapham Common etc. Definitely get amongst it. It is much more fun than a gym membership and you will push yourself harder than in the gym.

    The sessions usually take the form of military style circuits. Basically you will do exactly the same sort of things that you would do in a PT session at Raleigh so it will put you in a great frame of mind for basic training.

    Added bonus is also the social side (especially the Hampstead lot) they meet up around once a month and have pretty hardcore pub crawls, usually in fancy dress. For some reason as well Britmilfit appears to be populated with lots of divs women which is an added bonus. Just check out some of the members of this lot:

    Get pally with your instructor and explain you are joining up, he may give you a discount. Your first session is free anyway so what have you got to lose?
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    From the feedback I've seen Nationally, they are heartily recommended by many people wishing to join the service although not cheap, most seem to think they are very good.
  3. Cheers 2DD, I was thinking of going to one of the HAC morning sessions as it's just off Liverpool street. I'm only down here until the 20th so I won't exactly be signing up for a lot of sessions just yet, but it's something to look at for when I'm at Sultan.

    I printed off the form for a free session so I reckon I may as well go along to one of them. Is there any particular session (time and area) that you'd recommend? I was thinking the early morning one on Wednesday might be worth a bash.

    Had a look at the Facebook group, the birds are ace! :lol:

    Edited for being a mong: 12:30 on Wednesday.
  4. Some of my Guys and Girls have used them. As Ninja said they are a little expensive, but very good sessions and definitely will prepare you for military fitness during training.


  5. Cheers guys. Sent an email to the HAC guy, if not that one I'll be doing a Hyde Park session. I'll let you know how it goes.
  6. HAC sessions are good, but the relatively small size of our field (compared to Hampstead Heath or Hyde Park) and the fact that it is completely flat limit the amount of interesting things the instructors can do. The Hampstead evening sessions are really good as there are a lot of hills on the Heath and the sessions are really varied given the fact that the Heath is so massive.

    Either way you will have a great time. Expect to get absolutely covered in mud and be hanging out of your hoop at the end of it though. One benefit of the HAC over other venues is that you can have a shower afterwards.

    Get amongst it.
  7. Cheers again 2DD. I'll probably end up going to Hyde Park then as Hampstead Heath seems a bit of a ballache to get to.

    Do you know if there's a tap in Hyde Park somewhere that I can clean my shoes off? They're new ;)
  8. So then Zoidberg did you go to one?

    I'm thinking of joining the one down in Pompey, and I just want an insight of what goes on.
  9. I've thought about doing one of them here in Hull. Nowhere seems to mention prices though. How much are sessions?
  10. I am trying the free session thing tonight in Reigate Priory Park, I'll let you know how it is! Alan Partridge shorts at the ready!
  11. Mate at the end of the day your basic training will consist of pressups, situps, sprints etc not lifting weights, so in my eyes it could be very benifical, plus as mentioned you get thrashed as a group, make new friends and have a good training session everytime you go.
  12. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Membership prices are here:

    Prices are reasonable really, almost half the price of my gym membership (ok I get full use of the leisure club - sauna, pool, sweatroom, squash etc etc and beasted at circuits twice a week plus boxercise and a bar )

    £34 or £20 for unlimited sessions if you are under 21 isn't bad, unless you are a tight arsed stoker of course Ninja :wink:
  13. I just got back from the session, it was really good fun, tough, but fun. If I wasn't starting in 3 and half weeks I would become a member, for under 21's its £20 for unlimited usage, which seems pretty reasonable if you go 3 times a week. I guess I'll be getting paid to do it at 6am pretty soon, haha :p
  14. British Military Fitness hasn't got anything in my area but a company called Forces Fit which is based on the same concept has a strong presence round here. I have been going for about 2 weeks now and will keep going until I start at BRNC, it is a good workout and it feels far more effective than the gym.

    One month is £35 which allows you to attend an unlimited number of sessions at any location. There are cheaper options too and there is no minimum sign up time so if like me you only intend to attend until starting that is not a problem.

    As with BMF, the first session is free.
  15. The chap who spoke to me after the session, said there was not much point in me joining BMF, as you have to pay a joining fee and stuff like that. Now I have been and seen how to do it, next time I go for a run, I will stop and do press ups and sit ups in the mud. Costs nothing! haha
  16. I'm being paid to be beasted now. I prefer it that way.
  17. Fitness in the army looks ok to me. :D


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