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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by janner, Feb 24, 2014.

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  1. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Lots of moans and groans from us all about the service you get from Tradespeople nowadays so I thought I'd hand out some praise for a change.

    I have a home service agreement for BG for Boiler, Central Heating and Plumbing, I noticed a small leak on the Boiler and one of the thermostatic valves on a radiator was sticking so I reported it this morning.

    1120 Reported - told Engineer would call between 1200 and 1800 today.

    1140 Call from Engineer asking if he could come a bit early

    1150 Engineer arrived

    1215 Both jobs done, Engineer left (didn't even want a cuppa)

    Not the cheapest service around but you get what you pay for.
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  2. They have been at mine 3 days running!

    It's like watching Harrier pinkies, they are changing bits via stock check and hoping for the best! Now they have decided that the hear exchanger is smegged up with scale and will clean it out if we have some filters fitted for shy of £500 :(

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  3. A neighbour of mine has a BT contract. The weekend before last Crimbo her, admittedly, long in the tooth CH boiler failed. Up rocks the BT man and gives a sharp intake of breath saying it needed new parts. A day later he returns and says the part required is no longer available so in accordance with the terms of the contract she'll need a new boiler for a mere £3 grand. To her credit she sends him on his way and rings Bloggs the Plumbers from around the corner. He reckons he can bodge it for a few quid which he duely did. To the best of my knowledge it's still working to this day.
  4. Bloody BT! What do they know about boilers? :)

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  5. Very true, and you want to see the cock up British Gas did with my internet router..bastards!!
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  6. :error:Explains why they couldn't fix it.
  7. Not to worry.No problems with the gas,when the ruskis turn it off in a snit over Ukraine...=)
  8. I must be bloody lucky. I have had no probs with Brit Gas.

    Boiler went kaput. Start to get quotes. Local gas engineers, including a family friend gave quotes ranging from £1700 to £3.5. I was in shock!!!! All of them were babbling on about changes to building regs 15mil pipe is out and 22 mil pipe is now used. Ummm - going to cost you!! Need to change this that and bore under the house - yada - yada!!!!

    I delves into the building regs on line - yes there are changes but there are also caveats for NOT using 22 mil pipes.

    Bugger it I thought at those prices it won't hurt to get a quote from Brit Gas!!!

    So, in comes this suit. Out tape measure, out gizmo for tracing the existing pipe work. What exactly do you use the boiler for? Whoa, this was a new question!! Anyway after a cuppa and discussing my needs and me explaining my quandary regards the piping he said the 22 mil pipe wouldn't be applicable in my case as I only had one spur running off and the distance between where the gas main came into the property to the boiler was under the specified distance.

    Then came the price, sub £900.

    Well you work out who I went with.

    Fuggin local cowboys!
  9. I'm not sure if I'm lucky or not ... due to the proximety of the Downs (sub 400ft above sea level) they can't get enough presure to pipe the gas over the top and down into the villages ... end result gas not available so have to go electric, calor, oil or solid fuel and at the time oil was the cheapest. Not sure if it is now.

    a) I cant understand why they can't get gas over the downs unless its commercially not viable due to limited numbers of yokels living in said villages or ...

    b) Due to BG putting its prices up and up on a regular basis if its not ecconomically viable to run on gas anyway.

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