British Forces Losses - Comment and opinion

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by SILVER_FOX, May 6, 2006.

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  1. PTP

    Incredible to believe that we still don't know what the cause was and how many casualties there were. Always looks like someone is trying to soften the impact by delaying the release of the full story.

    So looking forward to heading out there in July. RIP guys.
  2. Basra Loss - Comment and opinion

    Yes, they are. They try to delay the release of the story until they can notify the next of kin of the deceased, and they can inform the NOK of the injured. They also need to let the rabid dogs of the media peddle the lies before releasing a proper account of events (ie - the BBC report soldiers "running through the streets firing in the air" - when in fact all they are doing is firing warning to disperse shots. You have to consider how people feel when the first they see of death/injury of friends and loved ones when it is peddled as part of the media propaganda machine rather than in a balanced way. We also have to consider that the BOI will contain full details of the incident - remember the Red Caps incident, it was not until the BOI that the full horror of the incident was revealed to the families.
  3. Re: British troops die in Basra crash

    Fair point about informing NOK; should have known that one. Be interesting to see just how much much the press will try to rake over the real story. They probably won't be too interested in the whole truth if it doesn't suit their agenda.
  4. Re: British troops die in Basra crash

    Sad innit?nobody knows,there was a time ,long, long ago when people told the truth,why have we got these gutless Generals? get these boys home NOW.I really do want to weep over the senslessness of it all,and may all the politicians who went along with Bush and Blair,when they go to meet their maker be shown the down escalator.
  5. Re: British troops die in Basra crash

    its so sad, bring all our ppl home. hope ure happy blair if u read this. i have trouble u ?. bless our boys and ladies
  6. Re: British troops die in Basra crash

    I wish they could be the last of our people to have to die in such a senseless war.

    Why oh why are we still there ?

    My sincere condolences to the friends and families of all involved, my thoughts and prayers are with you today
  7. Re: British troops die in Basra crash

    Wing Commander John Coxen RAF; Lieutenant Commander Darren Chapman RN; Flight Lieutenant Sarah Mulvihill RAF; Lieutenant David Dobson AAC and Marine Paul Collins.

    Lt Cdr CHAPMAN was CO of 847.
  8. Re: British troops die in Basra crash

    First female killed in action? On of them RN too.

    Please guys, keep political comments out of this thread.

    Edited to add, looks as though it was an RN Lynx.
  9. Re: British troops die in Basra crash

    I think that it is often difficult to discuss such events without some political content however hard one tries.

    I am quite sure that every one has the utmost sympathy for those affected by this latest attack, but that sometimes also makes other emotions rise to the surface as well.

  10. Re: British troops die in Basra crash

    Minor amend PompeySailor (and really of no importance), David Dobson was a Captain.
  11. Re: British troops die in Basra crash

    PTP. If this is to be a condolences only thread, can you change its title to Condolences for the Basra Lynx Crew or something?

    When did moderator become censor?
  12. Re: British troops die in Basra crash

    Hear Hear - we must (and need to) express feelings and opinions concerning this very sad loss which, after all, was a result of a very dodgy political decision. To do otherwise restricts the freedom of expression - one of those very freedoms that the Iraq expedition purported to restore.
  13. Re: British troops die in Basra crash

    If you wish to express opinion or commentary on this tragedy, then this is the thread to do so in.

    Not a suppression of freedom of speech. Merely a wish to separate the condolences from the questions and comment.

    The original thread has been renamed, and some editing and shifting of posts done.

    Apologies if they don't seem to exactly fit.

  14. Re: Basra Loss - Comment and opinion

    The senseless and unnecessary loss of young lives is beyond belief or understanding. Wives mothers husbands fathers children all suffer as a result of this pointless dirty war. How can a war be fought under these conditions I wonder, no rules and no leadership worth a POS. Sad business for those left behind. May those who ordered them to the slaughter suffer accordingly and I'm sure we all know who they are,

  15. Re: Basra Loss - Comment and opinion

    I am currently on my Post operational tour leave, after serving 6 months in Al-amarah. I'm a CT by trade and was employed there as an interpreter working with the army. The overall impression I came away with is one of pointlessness, regardless of what politicians and high-ranking officers say. The fact of the matter is, that even the Iraqi Police, whom we are supposed to operating in support of, don't want us there. They are infiltrated by insurgents at every level and riddled with corruption, and during the aftermath of an incident in which two British soldiers were killed earlier on this year, they refused to cooperate with us and help disperse the crowd who were stoning both the team who were trying to recover the bodies and casualties, but also the Bomb Disposal Officer who was trying, under extremely difficult conditions, to make safe a secondary device.
    The Iraqi police merely left us to it. What's the point? It nearly makes me cry with frustration.
  16. Re: Basra Loss - Comment and opinion

    Look 5 members of HM FORCES are dead , lets leave the politics out of it , and remember them who died . All your ''why are we there comments'' are undermining the guys and girls who are out there. I should know i am one of them.

    Rest in peace .
  17. Re: Basra Loss - Comment and opinion

    Unfortunately their deaths and politics are are closely interlinked. Our brave boys and girls were undermined the minute Blair said "Thats a great idea George". But maybe this isn't the time and place to show our disgust for our spineless politicians and yes "Tony" Generals.

    Keep your head down Deeps

    Rest in Peace my brave comrades in arms
  18. Re: Basra Loss - Comment and opinion

    Just a quick rant...

    Why does Blair like to involve us in conflicts that don't seem to be of particular geo-political importance to Britain?

    He seems more interested in getting rid of 'Bad Men', those who offend his personal sense of morality.

    I don't think the Iraq thing was about oil, if it was it would have been cheaper in the long run just to buy the stuff off them. So what was it about?

    Why did we go into Sierra Leone but not Rwanda? Why do we rattle sabres about Iran but not North Korea?

    Or is it all too complicated for us mere pawns to understand?

    Remember Guy Fawkes - the only man to enter Parliament with honest intentions.
  19. Re: Basra Loss - Comment and opinion

    I feel for the families, big time! I'd also like to think that Blair will rethink about our troops being out there.
  20. Re: Basra Loss - Comment and opinion

    I think brigning the troops out would make things 10 x worse, and ultimately cause us much, much more grief.

    Personally I think Saddam need to be deposed - the war was fought brilliantly with very few casualties. It's the post-war rebuilding and security that was fucked up royally - should have been far, far better planned. We had the element of cooperation back then, we don't appear to have that now.

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