British Citizenship.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by NotmeChief, Aug 19, 2009.

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  1. Does anyone know if an immigrant is granted citizenship and then subsequently is found guilty of a serious crime, can that citizenship be revoked and the criminal be deported back to where she came from??
  2. I thought being connected with serious crime was one of the main priorities of Browns Britain and the right to live here. ;-)
  3. I think that you are right. Only those connected with serious crime will be given the right to live here in Brown's Britain.

  4. Hello NotmeChief,

    Before the COs/MODs, intervene or not:

    Proposed Amendment No. 1 to your OP:

    <<Delete: ‘she’.

    Insert: ‘that criminal’.>>

    Otherwise quite a fair question.

  5. I don't think drug smuggling is really a big deal for the government, in the grand scheme of things. Its just one of those things they make big noises about because they know people like to hear it, which is reflected in the actions they take in regard to the matter.

    The idea is that (with the new tougher points system) you vet them properly to begin with (it sounds funny, I know). If a person with a British passport commits a crime then they have to be treated the same as any other British passport holder, whether it was acquired by birth or naturalisation and anything in between. That's one of the main things about being British - we're supposed to be fair.

    If you put people who acquired a British passport by naturalisation at a constant risk of having it taken away then you end up creating a second class citizenship. Of course, common dog fack says that if the passports were handed out willy nilly in the first place then they can be taken away willy nilly too. However if you take passports away willy nilly then it undermines the gravity of it.

    Since the system isn't, never has been, and never will be omniscient its a case of prevention is better than a cure, IMHO. Fine tune the process in which we select who gets to be 'One of Us' and get it right in the first place - because the way it should be is that once they're One of Us, they're One of Us and they should be treated as such.
  6. I had a look at the test you have to sit to become an Aussie citizen.....WTF?...who wrote this drivel...most Aussies would fail...would that be similar in the UK?
  7. No thats where the politicians/civil servants have cocked up...."Can you speak any language.?...if the answers yes Your In! :cry:
  8. Nope they've recently put in a points system modelled directly on the Aussie one...

    Edit : I recently took the new British citizenship test questionnaire (its somewhere on ARRSE) and I got 37% 8O
  9. Your Doomed! Doomed! ah tell ye all Doomed! 8O
  10. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

  11. Not as doomed as "Cup of Tea" being deported tomorrow :lol: to Oz

  12. No he's off to Kiwi land
  13. Sanction of sanctions! And they won't even give me a tenner...
  14. They always used to but nowadays they give you a oar. Some sort of assisted passage scheme. You'll like it in Plymouth NZ. Good run ashore. :D
  15. UK Citizenship Test

    Time to deport me.

    You have failed the practice citizenship test. Questions answered correctly: 16 out of 24 (67%)
  16. Opps..

    There is at the moment a massive amount of money available to teach the speakers of other languages to gain the standard required.

    # show sufficient knowledge of life in the UK, either by passing the Life in the United Kingdom test or by attending combined English language and citizenship classes. Proof of this must be supplied with one's application for naturalisation. Exemption from this and the language requirement (see below) is normally granted for those aged 65 or over, and may be granted to those aged between 60 and 65
    # meet specified English, Welsh or Scottish Gaelic language competence standards. Those who pass the Life in the UK test are deemed to meet English language requirements.

    One of the major partsd of the Citizenship test is how to apply for benifits, I kid you not.

    I posted the Citizenship test on here about 18 months ago, and not many "BRITISH" posters got more than 55% of the answers correct.
  17. Just out of curiosity I did both the Australian and British practice tests. 15/20 for Aust and 12/24 for Brit.

    Nothing here that a little bit of CDF could not overcome if one was truly dedicated to becoming a citizen.
  18. I believe a sentence of that nature has recently been given to another offender...
  19. For future reference, you may find p28* of the document below, of interest, relating to the new Borders, Citizenship and Immigration Act 2009 of interest.

    The Act can be consulted via:

    The related Explanatory Memorandum, here:

    An additional Bill relating to this topic should, according to the Minister who introduced the bill, be introduced into Parliament in the next Queen's Speech, on 18 Nov 09, to clear up those areas not covered in the existing Act.

    *House of Commons Library Research Paper 09/47:
    Borders, Citizenship and Immigration Bill [HL] Bill 86 2008-09

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