British bombing campaign in Syria.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by CDW22, Sep 25, 2014.

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  1. I don't think we are looking at even bombing Syria from everything I have watched on the TV.
    It looks like we will be confined to Iraq as the Iraqi government has requested help and we refuse to speak to the Syrian one. Although after listening to a professor of law talking about funny enough law it sounds like we dont even need a request from Syria if Iraqs problems are coming from across the border.
    This is not an optional war but a totally necessary one, lunatics of this scale can not be allowed to roam free and I for one do not believe a country can be regarded as 'Great' and let ethnic cleansing like this go on. (before someone asks I'm not sure what kind of ethnic cleansing would be acceptable)

    As for boots on the ground is going to come to that and the sooner people accept it the better things will be probably.
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  2. When will that dusty shithole stop causing problems for us?
  3. Yeh i agree with everything you stated. I just think people are still living in the shadow of afghan and are worried about diving back into it all but as you said it isnt an option.
  4. As far as I can make out the only thing keeping us out of Syria is the fear of somehow helping the Assad regime. All warfare has unforeseen consequences so even bombing in Iraq only will have that apparent undesired effect. The politicians only ever tell us the minimum that they think they can get away with so if one nights raid over Syria just happens to include Syrian targets who is to know?
  5. At this point it seems unlikely they would be bimbing Assads regieme intentonally.
    Would be a massive win for IS.
  6. Sorry danny I worded that badly. I intended it to mean IS targets in on Syrian territory rather than Syrian regime targets.
  7. Ahh ok makes much more sense.
  8. Regardless of the realities & logistics of the situation "call me Dave" will be wetting himself in anticipation, ever since the days of Thatcher & Reagan UK prime ministers can't wait to get boots into conflicts on foreign soil, they think it gives them world stature & a higher home profile.

    This is of great importance to him now with the rise of UKIP & the 2015 election looming.
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  9. yeh fair point, however i dont know how the public feel regarding this. the problem with a situation such as this is that the people at home are in just as much of a threat considering the fact that many IS militants are british! The last thing this country wants and needs is the IS militant from down the road returning home thinking they can do the same thing in this country.
  10. To be fair if we can't drop a few bombs over Iraq we should probably just give up now.
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  11. Planet earth calling! we've already had 7-7 & Lee Rigby, these militants are already amongst us, queuing up to have a pop, we're spending so much money on anti terrorism the home office won't publish the figures, & there's more holes in our borders/security then there is in a kitchen colander.

    We don't even have the capability to stop them going abroad to get refresher training in the latest terrorist methods.
  12. So whats your plan just watch the videos of people being buried alive in large numbers on Facebook and say we can't do anything about it?
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  13. My personal plan/view is quite simple, I'm now 72 & live most of the time in rural France, so if the ragheads want to keep on killing each other over tribal religion so be it.

    Honestly I really don't give a FKCU.
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  14. of course theyre among us already, the point i am making is about trying to prevent just as many from returning. This is more important than ever.
  15. "ragheads" are not the problem. its a very small percentage who poses the ideology that are the issue. too many condemn a whole population for a small numbers actions, Its like calling all Irish terrorists for the doing of the IRA.
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  16. Bear in mind that parliament now has to be consulted before we start lobbing HE about. Personally, I think we will regret the day that was agreed to. Had it been the case in 1939, we might have turned to 20 or so years too late for the 2nd lot.
  17. But the IRA were all Irish ;-)
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  18. The only way I can see is to bomb them back to the stone-age, or deal with the problem using chemical/biological warfare, we have the weaponry so why not use it? it's a sure fire bet they will given the chance, there's a rumour doing the rounds that they already have the live Ebola virus so this could be a new take on the fanatical suicide bomber.

    I'm a great believer in the old maxim, STRIKE FIRST & REPENT AT LEISURE.
  19. You are really suggesting using nuclear weapons? Is that your 'answer'?
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