British antipiracy command post threatened with closure

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by off_les_aura, Nov 17, 2010.

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  1. Telegraph

    I presume they don't mean the whole of Northwood??
  2. Might as well, it's obviously not achieving what it was intended for.
  3. Not so. There are billions of people who have not been threatened by pirates since the post was started up. Sounds pretty successful to me!
  4. More to the point, I don't see why we care. Indeed, it'd provide more space at an over-crowded establishment.

    Perhaps the real concern is the loss of the NATO 4* job tied to being CINCFLEET......
  5. I see 2 significant points in this;

    a. NATO is something else that the Cameroon and his dipolar Government doesn't understand

    b. if you reduce a fighting service to the size of a minor power's, you get assigned minor Posts.

    Are we near crush depth yet?
  6. Can only be a good thing if you ask me - have you tried finding a car parking space in Northwood?
  7. However, do we really, really need an JFC/MCC/LCC/ACC/SOFCC replicated in both North and South areas of NATO? Whilst you could justify it during the Cold War, is it an appropriate force structure that seems to be more interested in projecting power, in a highly circumscribed set of circumstances?

    NATO staff-work, constrained by the need to bring along the lowest common denominator is horrific; that said my exposure to the more tactical (i.e. 1* and below) areas of operations can prove them to be surprisingly agile. They're not the be all and end all, but certainly not as bad as frequently derided.

    More to the point, if we really cared about NATO, we'd send our very best Officers there, instead we send, at best, our second 11, who are more interesting in getting a nice sunny appointment for 3 years with the family then they are in leading the way. You can easily tell what things we care about by the quality of Officers we send there - Battle Staff, good; NATO, bad; FOST Seariding, good; Phase 1/2 instructing, bad.
  8. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    They're not fully replicated, as part of previous cost savings measures linked to an assessment of strategic scenarios they reduce the capability of many whilst planning for a push-pull from one to the other should the need arise.

    Surely we'd always keep our verybest Officers and Ratings for our own use but still send high calibre people out to NATO appointments. I think your assessment of the where and who is a little harsh;

    Onto the story, it's certainly true NATO is in a state of flux. Almost all of the member states are undergoing militray organisational changes (reductions) many of which make SDSR look trivial and this has forced upon NATO the need to embark upon a major tranformation exercise and look at its own organisation and the internal agencies. A lot of that work has already been done and some remains to be fully considered, so I think it will be early 2011 before a solid readout is generally known.

    Sector Northwood/the MCC is a large cost to NATO and much of what it offers could be provided by Lisbon or other European locations. There might be something in the story.
  9. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    From a wider perspective, the loss of the MCC wouldnt be the end of the world for NATO, but if the UK is seen to be willing to embrace the loss of a command to push change, then this in turn acts as a significant motivator to other nations. If we're playing the game of giving up posts, then other nations will be in a much more difficult position to refuse to do so.

    The UK long term game is to massively cut NATO down to size and scale appropriate for 21st century Ops, and this means closing HQs. Every time this is done, some nation will preach change, and steadfastly refuse to close whichever NATO HQ is in its own country. We have to force the issue, and offering up the MCC slot is a damn good way of doing that.

    In terms of practicality, if Atlantic Building is emptied, then there is a nice well conditioned set of offices for several hundred people instantly available on a terribly overcrowded site. I suspect that its already been measured up for new inhabitants...

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