British Actress commits suicide

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by RonJeremy, May 21, 2009.

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  1. Talking of doing a 'Bridgend' Monty my old shivering shipmate , look what this stupid cow has done:

    What a fukking waste, she could of phoned me up and told me what she had planned. That way I could of gone round and absolutely gone to town on her rusty sherrifs badge, smashing it into a battered, dripping pulp first before she topped herself. What fukking difference does it make to her if she dies with or without my spunk dripping from her well fukked hoop. Selfish fukking cow deserves everything she gets.....
  2. Its a waste, and she was only 29, R.I.P
  3. She was reportedly found by her boyfriend who had been asleep in bed when she killed herself.

    He must be a sound sleeper if the creaking rope with a bint gurgling her last breath on the end of it didn't wake him up
  4. Wonder if she's still warm.....
  5. You obviously havent seen many hangings then mate!! :cry: 8O

  6. I bet he was unimpressed if she'd voided her bowels and bladder as she swung to and fro. As if it wasn't bad enough finding some dead spunker in your flat imagine having to clean her piss and shit up off the carpet into the bargain. Unless she was considerate and did it over a pussers blue bucket or a black gash bag.....
  7. They don't tend to happen a lot where I come from, why, have you witnessed many taking place then :?: Not the aftermath, the actual hanging taking place I mean
  8. Yeah afraid so mate. Seen 3 or 4 in my job but the worst was a 13 year old who had been bullied at school which is why i wont be adding to this thread!!
  9. Why did he do it? Were you repeatedly trying to finger him in the showers after P:E:?
  10. Fair enough
  11. I would have bummed her. Still, never mind, plenty more damaged impressionable goods out there.
  12. I find it odd that the first thought of most of you buggers (see what I did then? did you?) is smashing the back door in!

    Rehersal for the sequel gone wrong?
  13. Bless her heart, whatever was wrong. R.I.P.
  14. Have experience of several whilst in the Prison Service none shit themselves even when they botched it. Only one did it right if I'd opened the cell door the instant that he jumped it would have been too late
  15. I wept a little bit there when I read your touching post.

    Sir, you are a master wordsmith, capable of touching the hardest of hearts and rendering softer than that soft bit on a baby's head.


    keep posting it
  16. Never heard of her.

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