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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Rincewind, Jan 16, 2009.

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  1. Not seen confirmation yet but just heard that Chester Sea Cadets auditioned for the show.

    they did a rifle drill display and got stopped just 5 minutes in by Simon Cowell who called them all "gay" and suggested they should go and kill people instead of audition, then slagged off the RN.

    Producers were telling the judges to stop via ear pieces and reminding them that they were dealing with children, but even Ant and Dec were joining in.

    Simon Cowell who bleets on about his support for Help for Heros and his support of the Armed Services.....

    Can anyone confirm?
  2. Odd bit of spin, Katie who was there claims they made it past the producers and got onto the stage for the judges but got laughed at as soon as they got on stage then the gay remark was made - and implied the RN was all gay too.

    Will assume Katie (last name available on req) is not lying as she is upset for the Cadets who trained hard.

    Am more inclined to believe that as it was reduced tot he cutting room floor - the much softer story was given to the press?
  3. Without evidence though I'm reserving judgement. It's too easy to jump on the band wagon. I'm sure if it really did happen there would be something mentioned somewhere in the media. It's the type of story the media like usually
  4. From the group on Facebook

  5. I don't trust alot of groups on Facebook to be honest. The amount that go on saying boycott starbucks because they won't give royal marines free coffee and local councils ban rememberance parades etc. Facts aren't usually correct.

    I still won't believe it personally as that is just someone saying doesn't mean it's true.

    I could write the same
  6. If it is true then it's disgusting and I'm surprised the media haven't jumped on it.
  7. i know what your saying about the possability it could be bollocks but i know Katie - she is one of the Staff at Chester Unit and also - others who were in the audience have since joined to offer condolences and support and the vibe towards Cowell is very negative.

    its the comment about telling children they are all gay and should be killing people that gets my blood up
  8. If it's true then as I said it's disgusting. I'm just surprised nothing apart from someone on facebook has said something. Especially as they are through to the live show as it says in the groups news.

    Maybe the media should be informed if it's the truth then why not?
  9. its not "live" - its pre recorded so they can edit out swearing etc...

    Pre watershed show
  10. Edited just re read it was infront of producers first.

    My bad.

    Well soon see if anything gets mentioned somewhere
  11. who knows - am waiting for more intel.
  12. Im sure if it is true it will be outed soon, and it should be.
  13. I don't believe a word of it to be honest.
  14. Got to be honest I don't believe it either. I'm no fan of the crap Simon Cowell presents as entertainment, but he's probably not stupid. You don't get that rich by being stupid. I doubt he would insult the cadets like that. While he is often insulting to contestants on these shows, he does it because he knows that mindless idiots enjoy watching freaks being ridiculed. He would instantly become less popular if he started on chidren. People stop watching, he stops making money. Can't see it myself.

    Ahh, Piers, that bodyguard of the UK military....
  16. Under the heading of "new definitions", on "I'm sorry a haven't a clue", the word "countryside" was once defined by one of the panel as "The killing of Piers Morgan".

    'Bout right I reckon.

  17. Is he a shirtlifter? i mean that seriously [don't watch TV but the missis does so I here the shite in the background on ocassion ]
  18. None of my regular sources of gay news have reported what our community would regard as an antigay slur. On that basis this appears to be an urban myth. Should the story be confirmed as bona fide by Chester SCC Unit then I should like to know.
  19. Try to encourage Katie to join RR to give her side of the story, surprised she hasn't already, as she is obviously on Facebook

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