Britannia failed the waves

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by chinamatelot, Aug 3, 2007.

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    We need a new cod war to protect our Fish & Chips and use the excuse to get some more ships in the water.

    Quote from the comment:

    And so the steady despoliation of our seas – overfished, hopelessly underdefended, beloved in theory but abused in practice, a shared resource that is gradually being wrecked for all – continues. Only by protecting our marine habitats can we hope to preserve the livelihoods that depend on them – and our endangered taste for fish and chips.

    End quote.

    Any old Rothesays hanging about?

    Some bright spark might think that the idea of Syclla is a good thing and send the whole damn fleet to the seabed to preserve the fish and save on the budget!

  2. I thought
    quite apt.

    He makes little mention of European Common Fisheries Policy. As I understand it, that policy rather ties our hands even in our own Waters: .

    Ah, SCYLLA!

  3. She looked a lot smarter than that when I was a member of her ship's company!

  4. When I was Ships Co., I thought she was the DBs, however the last time I saw her in service in Guzz dockyard, I thought she looked tired and really small.
  5. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Ted Heath gave away our fishing grounds to Europe when he was so keen to give anything to bribe our way to the EEC, for his own personal glory. He being disinclined to produce progeny of course had no stake in our future, only his own present. Anyway there won't be any fish at all soon if the EU doesn't abandon its idiotic rules on 'days at sea' etc and go another way (which works elsewhere) which is to ban all fishing from selected large swathes of sea. This would be much easier to police, any boat caught in such an area impounded whether nets were out or not.
  6. I'll second that Seaweed. Many, many moons ago, I did a dollop (albeit a small one) of seatime in a couple of fishery protection vessels and couldn't understand why the closure area policy wasn't adopted. It seemed ridiculous to have a fleet of FPV's chasing around the oggin, with jack jumping on and off trawlers (often at great risk to life and limb!) to count and measure dead fish, when designated closure areas could be policed by the occasional MPA with a half decent camera on board.
    I even had the opportunity to ask several representatives of MAFF whether I was missing some obvious reason why it wasn't done that way, but they couldn't give me anything more constructive than a shrug of the shoulders.

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