Britains Ultimate Pilots - Inside The RAF (2015) TV Series


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Britains Ultimate Pilots - Inside The RAF (2015) TV Series. Join the Red Arrows and the RAF's finest aerial display teams in an action-packed series featuring exclusive access to the fast moving world of aerobatics, fearless flying and aviation excellence.


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For all of you who would like to re-watch Britains Ultimate Pilots - Inside The RAF (2015) TV Series, here is the full episode synopsis.

Britains Ultimate Pilots – Inside The RAF (2015) S01E01 – Episode 1 – Aired 11th October 2015 - The Red Arrows, counted among the world's most famous pilots, reveal the secrets to their spectacular British summer display season. The stakes couldn't be higher as they aim to salute Her Majesty the Queen. But will they pull off the ambitious display over Buckingham Palace? And could they have found a new fan in the young Prince George?

Britains Ultimate Pilots – Inside The RAF (2015) S01E02 – Episode 2 – Aired 18th October 2015 - The summer flying season for Britain's world-class pilots is well underway and tensions are running high. At the UK's largest air show in Gloucestershire, the Red Arrows are battling with the weather. Recreating an 18-plane World War II scramble is putting the RAF Hurricane pilots through their paces. And to salute the Battle of Britain veterans, the Typhoon fighter jet pilot has a very special ace up its sleeve - an emotionally charged synchro with a Spitfire.

Britains Ultimate Pilots – Inside The RAF (2015) S01E03 – Episode 3 – Aired 25th October 2015 - The air shows come thick and fast for the RAF's display teams. The Red Arrows mark the end of an era, flying with the mighty Vulcan bomber, while the Chinook helicopters are also in the skies. They submit themselves to grueling underwater training before they can display at Blackpool, but will high winds ruin their plans?

Britains Ultimate Pilots – Inside The RAF (2015) S01E04 – Episode 4 – Aired 1st November 2015 - The RAF's spectacular summer display season continues apace as the Red Arrows continue to battle the great British weather. Will their luck change? Meanwhile, as the mighty Typhoon jet struts its stuff over the beautiful Bournemouth coastline, how will the pilots cope with the most shocking news of the summer?