Britain's slave trade records go online


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A lot has already been written on this subject by people with a lot more knowledge than I have but this quote from the link did make me shake my head in wonderment at just how much some "victims" (several generations removed) want to push their personal agenda

But not everyone in Britain's black community was pleased with Ancestry's launch of the records.

"What about the slaves who were chucked over board? It's almost an insult to some of our ancestors that it's not a comprehensive and definitive project," said Interim Director Eroll Walters of Black Londoners Forum, an organisation established to advance ethnic minorities in London.

"It's a good idea but get it right. Half a loaf is not better than none. We want a full loaf."

As calous and inhumane as chucking slaves overboard was, I would imagine that apart from perhaps recording the number of slaves that were thrown overboard, no further details would have been noted. I believe that the slaves were not named until they were bought by their owners, and the ships captains would have only been interested in pure numbers and not the individuals given names from wherever they were captured, therefore furthjer details do not exist. I find it difficult to believe that by making the statement that it is an "insult" not to include the details of the people thrown overboard, the director of the Black Londoners Forum is either showing a comlete lack of knowledge on the subject, or he is trying to inflame further tension between the black and white communities.

I standby to be corrected on any of these points if anyone has more info.
The real problem I have with much of the current stuff about slavery is that it is being put forward as a white on black or European on African thing where as up until the start of the attempts to eradicate the practice in the early 1800s it was a normal accepted thing. blacks enslaved blacks, whites enslaved whites browns enslave brons, and yellows enslaved yellow, and any permutation you like out of all the races. Up until the revolution many Russians were the property of their lords for example and there are descendants of white slaves in the West Indies today.

The real thing is that the view society takes on slavery has changed, pre 1800 it was generaly accepted and considered normal, but by 1900 it was considered wrong in most culture, with one or two exceptions. I have met people who, in the RN were still involved in anti slavery patrols post WW2 and who recounted seeing the 'evidence' being dumped overboard from dhows as they approached to inspect.

Yes the UK was responsible in several ways for the enslavement of many Africans, but the UK was also amongst the first to no only emancipate it's slaves but also to take positive action to stop other nations induklging in the practice and I for one would like to see more of the slave victim mob acknowledging that.

As an aside I am almost certainly a descendant of an Irish serf and also an escapee of the potato famine but I see little point in joining the victim culture to celebrate this.
Errol Walters states 'we want a full loaf'

Does this mean that during the tribal wars/raids when some tribes were taking captives of other tribes (including some of their own tribe as previous reports have stated) and selling them as slaves to all and sundry that he will be accept as quickly, that Britain is, and was, not wholly to blame?

Will he also demand an admission of acceptance of blame from the Egyptians and the Arabs and the USA?

Will he also admit that slavery still exists in some African countires and so demand from them an admission of blame and a halt to the trade ?

Somehow I don't think so, does anyone else?

It's a case of knock Britain because it's the done thing, and all the PC morons in this country are aiding and abetting these single-minded people.
...and no mention on the white slave trade - forced prostitution, or the exploitation of children up chimneys, down the mines and trapped in the RN for 12 years from the age of 18 (for those that hated it) - so prevalent in Victorian Britain and, er, more recently! But then again didn't one of our former Prime Minister's want to return to Victorian Values?

Perhaps UA could sue for constipation, er, I mean compensation for being a naval slave? After all he served under Nelson and Vian, didn't he? :wink:
Dont wish to sound contentious here or cause an argument BUT
If the slaves were thrown overboard, was that BEFORE they had had children otherwise how could they have decendants other than through blood relatives???


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Dont worry ukdaytona, rest assured there's some muppet out there somewhere that will claim compo for them...probably having flashbacks for something that happened to someone they never knew but feel they should be related too.
wet_blobby said:
Dont worry ukdaytona, rest assured there's some muppet out there somewhere that will claim compo for them...probably having flashbacks for something that happened to someone they never knew but feel they should be related too.
Probably some female minger from the Matrix Chambers who just 'appens to 'ave a 'ubby in a 'igh place........ :wink:
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