"Britains got Talent"(ed) Plastic Surgeons

The singing Scottish Sensation - Susan Boyle will surely get
Mister Cowells loins stirring, as she reveals just what the
f**k she's been up to since qualifying in the audition phase
of this exciting contest. Plastic Surgeon Hamish McSporran
said "Och aye! I had tae graft like a bast**d tae get yon
body lookin' remotely female.........the head?.....well
there was nae time, and someones nicked mae angle grinder"

(Body by Kylie. Head by Mum and Dads DNA.
Hair by Storm force 10 on an open bridge)
Aye ye mae be reet, but I betcha she'll be richer than us.

Even after buying an angle grinder to finish off the rough edges.

Nice pic!!!!!!
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