Britain's Dumbest Criminal

Honestly? What makes it worse from a Bristolian point of view, is that just before this story on the news was one showing criminals in Kent who are raising and then stealing cannons from the bottom of the ocean. I'm not at all condoning theft (I've had enough bikes nicked thanks) but if you are going to do it, do it well.

Not only is this guy stealing clothes from the poor he's effing crap at it.
He was let off with a caution??? Nicking from a charity, Wasting the time of Plod and Fireboys, I would have let him wait for the keyholder, the next morning.

Flammin Gallah

Lantern Swinger
On a similar note

A few years ago, while taking the kids site seeing in London we ended up at the front of Buckingham Palace by the fountains taking pictures etc....inside the fountains were a half dozen Nigerians up to their waist's in freezing water filling their pockets with the coins people throw in for good luck (I think they are collected and give to charities).
An American lady was shouting at them to get out but they obviously spoke no English as they ignored her so she asked the Bobby stood outside the Palace to intervene. Eventually a car pulled up with an inspector inside who jumped out....shouted at them to empty their pockets and sod off....his attitude suggested it was something he did many times a day.
It was funny watching them trudge off dripping wet, probably to another fountain. I imagine they heard the streets of London were paved with gold...thats why they traveled all that way to see for themselves.
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