Britain to send Apache helicopters to Yemen

Britain to send Apache helicopters to Yemen
Daily Telegraph 14 Jun 2011 said:
Britain is preparing to send Apache attack helicopters to Yemen as cover for evacuations as the Gulf's most troubled state teeters on the brink of civil war...

At least two Apaches could be sent to the Royal Fleet Auxiliary ships Cardigan Bay or Fort Victoria, which are currently stationed off Yemen. Three Navy Merlin helicopters have been also been "stripped out" of their anti-submarine equipment to be ready to help. The Telegraph understands that the aircraft will only be used to evacuate the British ambassador and his staff, as well as the 30 man military training team helping Yemeni special forces...

The Apaches have already shown their ability to carry out strike missions from sea after they were launched from the helicopter carrier HMS Ocean on to targets in Libya earlier this month... The extra deployment is likely to put further pressure on the Apache force that has 10 crews deployed in Afghanistan and five on HMS Ocean...
Yet another thing SDSR didn't see coming.
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Yay more evidence the SDSR was woefully inaccurate. Seems HMG needs to take another look at what they want to become involved in or accept they were wrong.
Au contraire, Dave has been freely admitting he was wrong on trees, the NHS, etc. It's just defence he's strong on. :pukeright:
Au contraire contraire, Dave has been "listening to feedback from various consultations with the general public and relevant bodies" on NHS, Trees etc - the difference between them and SDSR is that SDSR has become Government policy, the rest were simply ideas floated broadly for feedback in the context of open government - or whatever selection of words the No10 PR mob are using this week.
A propos the Apaches, I have always liked them - even though they are as ugly as sin - but I am even more impressed by the savings they are going to offer to the badly stretched MOD budget because it appears that they are able to breed (at least that is the impression I get given the number that seem to be instantly available from the ready use locker for deployment all over the world at the very drop of a hat)

Well done to MOD Procurement for having the foresight to purchase both variants of the Apache (Male and Female) and to then leave them cloistered together for long enough for them to spawn Apache Junior left right and centre.

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