Britain to charge holidaymakers and expats £300 for charter flights home

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by stan_the_man, Feb 3, 2011.

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  1. Am I going fcuking barking mad here?? we have 10 asylum seekers with unknown amounts of children being paid over £1 million pounds a year in housing benefit in London alone. And we plan to charge British taxpayers £300 for a 1 way charter flight home from Egypt. I was off the coast of Cyprus in 1974 when we evacuated thousands of holiday makers and expats in danger did we charge them did we fcuk - more recently Bulwark rescued hundreds of stranded expats fom the Lebanon did we ask them to swipe their credit cards as they came across the gangway??
    Listening to comments on yesterdays Jeremy I'm a cnut Vine on BBC Radio 2 I was appalled at some of the comments made by some members of the public saying its the holidaymakers fault and of course they should pay, if one British passport holder is killed in the mayem that surely is going to happen in Egypt very shortly because they couldn't afford the charter fare we should all hang our heads in shame - a truly sad reflection on modern British society, I for one was ashamed to call myself British if thats what some people that live here truly think.
    To make it worse FFS I had a 7 night 5* all inclusive holiday in Taba for less than £400 last December.
    Cameron, Clegg, Hague and the rest of the coalition tossers have shown their true colours - Tories - its all about money now - how fcuking sad we are - Dunkirk spirit NOT.:angry5:
  2. Can we have a link please so we know either the truth about this or if you just made it up.
  3. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

  4. Stan This is DLs and Links are not required
  5. Guys I struggle with links and shite but maybe you can check out the radio2 website for yesterdays Jeremy Vine show from about 1330 onwards really guys this country is rapidly becoming morally fcuking bankrupt and our priorities need changing v soon
  6. During the volcanoe eruption, last year, I sem to recall the Royal Navy helped in the evacuation of British holiday makers stranded in Europe because of flight cancellations.
    Were they charged any money?
  7. Albion brought back about 250 civilians from Santander last year. They were given all the decent accomodtion and the Chefs worked around the clock to ensure they were suitably fed. They weren't charged one penny for the three day cruise.
  8. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Shipmate, you're back! Where have you been? I'm back in Guzz soon maybe see you around, you must be due ashore soon?
  9. Been back working with Vern for January. Going on course Monday and then back to SFM, so see you there. How was life in the small ships world?
  10. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Small ships has been great, wish I'd done it years ago. I'll be back at sea on one in the summer, just a brief bit of shore time in Guzz in between, see you there.
  11. Feckem....can afford to go on a banyan to Egypt?....can afford a few ackers to off set the cost of getting back to Blighty. Simples init.....
  12. See what I mean country is full of cnuts - hope your next holiday ends in disaster you catching crabs and you catch the missus being buttfcuked by a Somalian ex pirate asylum seeking drug dealer or better still you get buttfucked by him as well.
  13. You really must get out more....:winkrazz:
  14. Well, on the basis Egypt (apart from the central square mile of Cairo) is as dangerous now as it was 4 weeks ago, then I don't see why I should be paying for their "evacuation".

    If people are that worried, pay your £300, or just wait until your regularly chartered flight is ready for boarding....
  15. Look they probably paid 299.99 for their week in Sharm El Shite so 300.00 quid to get home will seem like a bargain.
  16. Other than those on a Banyan, who can obviously afford it, what of those of Egyptian origin and have been living in Egypt, who find it convenient to fall back on their UK Citizenship now its suits them. 300 at the price. Like I say's, fukem! Get yer ackers to front & cente...and no pulling on the green coat, or dripping to their MP. Like I said, cheap at the price....
  17. So I wonder why other countries providing charter flights arn't charging the passengers some of them third world - like I say we are fcuking morally bankrupt - still when some people turn up at the pearly gates I think some of you might be pointed in a downward direction.
  18. Perhaps old gumpy Stan has too soft a heart, but I was brought up in a belief that we Brits were a compassionate breed of human beings but alas it appears some more than others. Whats the point of holding a British passport?? after all it is supposed to provide the holder with the protection of her Majesties goverment in time of crisis and war. It appears to me that this now comes at a price, after 35 years service liberating the Falklands in 82 and Kuwait in 90-91 and arguably Iraq in 2003 I am not aware that we charged any of these any money for these services and the lives of many British and Commonwealth men and women have given their lives for these principles. I am honoured to serve with some of the unlucky ones who didn't come home.
    Old Stan he's a silly old fcuker have a good weekend all of you
  19. The answer to that should be obvious. Not least from your OP.
    Expats have made their own bed. They want it cleaning, they pay for it. Simples.
    As for holiday makers, WTF goes to a hostile area for a hol???

    Christ, if ambulances charge for you to be taken to hospital following a car crash, Fire B charge simarlily for other special service calls, why shouldn't the Gov for 'rescues'?

    I accept your 'compassion plea' but even compassion comes at a price. Double it I say!
  20. The plane(s) goes outbound empty and someone is going to have to pick up the bill by buying what could be the price of a return for that single trip. Or they could query the price at other airlines and get a cheaper seat, or, as someone said already, wait for their own return flight. We could have sent a couple of crab 'planes but they probably don't conform to H and S for civpop. :)

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