Britain Prepares to Outsource Royal Maritime Auxilliary


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Serco Denholm Limited was announced as the preferred bidder for a 15-year, GBP 1 billion ($1.75 billion at current rates), Private Finance Initiative contract to provide a wide range of marine services. Subject to ongoing negotiations, the Future Provision of Marine Services (FPMS) contract would see Serco Denholm take responsibility for most marine services throughout the Royal Navy's three main UK ports at Clyde, Devonport and Portsmouth, and in domestic and overseas waters as well. Serco Derholm would also absorb the current Royal Marine Auxilliary Service (RMAS).


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Re: Britain Prepares to Outsource Royal Marine Auxilliary

That's the Royal Maritime Auxiliary Service. Sorry PTP, I don't expect you to know that but it's a typical press error.

The RMAS have already been taken over by Serco (ten years?). The RMAS now only run salvage tugs and one trials ship. Perhaps not for much longer if there are a few bucks to be saved for securing votes for New Labour.