Britain plans to tighten borders

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by slim, Mar 28, 2007.

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  1. About time and they should bloody start sorting out what's in the country as well.
  2. hmm, re-arrange this saying:

    after bolt the horse door has stable shut.

    But it will be ok though, because when they receive those text messages from the Home Office, they will all be queueing up for deportation :roll:
  3. Must be Neue Arbiets early April Fools joke…
  4. Bliar must be leaving office!

    First this week he is going to sort out
    1 The justice system and the police.
    2 NHS dentists
    3 Now border control
    4 What next?

    All this after 10 years in office!!!!!
  5. There wouldn't be local council elections coming up would there?

    I'll believe they'll do something , when I see it.
  6. And all the time, taxes are going up and being squandered by this effing useless bunch of pinko............(answers on a postcard)
  7. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Well leave then - the tightening of borders is only on entry, not exit!
  8. Tighten up the Borders,
    WHAT BORDERS!!!!!!!!!
  9. Can we start by bricking up the hole in Hadrians Wall????
  10. the wet bit between us and continental Europe. Wonder how they gonna tighten up a stretch of water that big when we aint got enough ships to patrol it ???

    Oh, hang on a minute I know......

    'Who do you think you are kidding mr bliar......'

    'Captain Mainswearing, there's a funny looking man here speaking a funny langauge, I think he is a german'

    'Dont tell him your name Spike'

    See where this is going ??

    No Navy but a Coastal Defence Force,
    No Army but a Portection Force
    No Air Force but the GB Gliding Club
  11. If we have people outside our borders screening people before they cross them, how does that square against the principles of the glorious EU? If the prospective immigrants aren't qualified to travel here, they are probably not qualified to be where they are. So where does that leave the Country that currently has them as resident? Are they then stuck with them (personally, not my problem and don't care) or is that sufficient evidence for repatriation out of EUistan? How long will France and Belgium put up with rejected immigrants stacking up against our border?
  12. They won't mate,its John Reid trying to look tough as he's been made to look a complete wan**r over the last few months and the Govt trying desperately to shore up their collapsing vote.Particulary against the BNP who in several areas now which are Labour dominated are highly active.
    Good legacy for Bliar,the BNP controlling councils throughout the country when they were virtually non existant 10 years ago!!
  13. 'Er indoors has a British passport, I travel on an Irish one.

    Guess who gets the 3rd degree when passing back through 'border control' in Calais? :?

  14. You ???? , thought so ,
  15. Been trying for years.You English still get in!!
  16. Your better 1/2 :lol: . Same problem I have A British and NZ passport Wife only NZ gets treated like a ferkin leper by Immigration while Poles are waltzin' thru. (No disrespect to the Poles) Just the supercilious Imigration ossifers, who for the most part are little Hitlers.
  17. Should have kept those damn Poles out of UK from Day 1 NZ. They are just a bunch of trouble making bums.

  18. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    but they do such a lovely job of painting and decorating....

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