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Britain pays £2.5bn benefits to foreigners

Maxi_77 said:
Nutty said:
As for the legalisation of all drugs, a Song I have sung on these and other pages many times over the past few years. Since 1987 myself and many other junior and senior Police Officers have advocated this course but to no avail yet.


I agree there is more than enough evidence around to justify attacking the drugs problem in a new way. Prohibition has not worked, and has had a very serious impact on the levels of criminality in the UK today. A way has to be found to remove the profit from the drug dealers and importers business

Agree with you 100% on this one. and while the government are about it reduce the tax on cigarettes. I am not a smoker but most people I come across seem to be obtaining their cigarettes from smuggled sources. The UK are seeing little or no benefits from these sales.
slim said:

It is not so much seeing harm as the realities of politics,whils I agree that many a mickle macks a muckle those many mickles are all voters and have friends and relatives, to the polititian these are his meal ticket, and this is part of the problem. As to the big time chaps they are making sizable holes in the cash available, and perhaps if they were taken out of the equation we could afford to be a trifle more generous to the real needy and thus prevent the petty abuse of the system, a win win situation that can be sold to all except the big time criminals.

Peter, how do you define the real needy? Is it the young non working couple with 5 kids living rent and council tax free and receiving £600+ per week in benefits? Or is it the hardworking Leading seaman with a mortgage trying his best to put enough food on the table to keep his kids fed?
As for the politician worried about votes, there are far more people paying tax and working than the loafing workshy (in most areas of the UK), I don't see any problems for teh politicians[/quote]

You find one couple with 5 kids milking the system and every one on benefits is at it. I was thinking more of yes the L/S who needs housing benefit to pay his married quarter rent, the couple with one kid who can barely make ends meet as so much of what they can earn goes on childcare, so they can earn. The tradesman between jobs who stretches his dole money with a few homers whilst looking for a job, you know the every day people not the occasional Daily Wail headline case.
Easy really
If you have not worked and paid tax then you get nowt
If you left home because you do not like restrictions Tough

If you want kids then stay at home and look after the things
Only one partner should be allowed to work then everyone would
be in the same boat, and not having to keep up to the Jone's

Couple, no kids both working, good luck to them, you do not have to look up to them or emulate them their circumstances are different

We would all like a three bedroomed semi in the top of the town , two kids two cars and enough cash to go on three far flung holidays a year, well it does not always happen accept that

Spam valley makes me sick, three bedroomed semi two beamers in the drive and 2oz of spam please at the shop, fur coat and knee knickers

They are utterly stupid
A stone built house 3 bed at £100K is unacceptable wrong area
Pay £240k for a box of plywood covered in harling over the road
bedrooms 10 x 8 is wonderful

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