Britain pays £2.5bn benefits to foreigners

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by slim, Jan 2, 2007.

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  1. Tell me your not getting your kecks in a twist over a mere 2.5 Billion?

    A simple bagatuelle my friend; look at the Billions we pour into the EU, and the sod all we recieve back. We've been a net contributor to the EU for a coons age, so while your money from the Government is off rebuilding and upgrading Romania etc, why are you getting bent about more of our money funding the latest gypsy wave that'll arrive here. must be racist to think like that. All immigration is a good thing, dontcha know?

    No wonder the middle classes are getting mightily pissed off, even to the point where Bliar is having to try and appease them in his New Years speech. Soon you'll have the unelected fat controller Gordon Clown in charge; the man who wants to use our money to benefit Africa (its our duty after all, I mean its not like pouring money down the drain or anything) and will quite happily rob the arse off you to pay for it. The UK can go to hell in a handcart for the ordinary citizen, just as long as these ex CND tossers who now govern us can be seen to be 'statesmanlike'

    ****. Wamk. ****.

    Nevermind, there the fact that were all so rich because our houses are all worth so much. Except you cant touch that money unless you sell, or MEW the shite out of it. Which just leaves you in debt even more, but which a lot of people have to do just to live day to day and to maintain a standard of living in this country.

    And then when you try and trade your house up? Oh dear. All that money you spend just to pay a Mortgage is money thats NOT going into the economy through Retail or Lifestyle purchases, hence hurting our balance of trade even more.

    Welcome to the UK. Its called a Potemkin Economy - one that looks prosperous, but is really built on debt.

    And remember this....its all about to come CRASHING down.
  2. As your signature says "never let the truth spoil a good dit" where in this story do you get told that tax payers will have to pay any extra tax over the next few years. The Jouno does not because the money will have to come from the payments that we have made or have agreed to make over these years. The money could easily have been spent on setting up an all EC Airforce but is isn't.

    It is like New Labour just being told all the different ways they will spend the money they already have.

    IT IS NOT NEW MONEY (TAXES) OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So lets please ignore these scare stories for the rubbish they are.

  3. Its may not be new money but I for one would prefer the old money to be spent in the old kingdom.
  4. Slim

    That is a whole different argument that I am not prepared to enter living as I do in Spain who like Ireland was/is a net gainer and spent the money wiseley on infrastructure. Our motorways are a joy to drive on, trains are cheap, clean, safe (when not being bombed) and run on time. The economy expands, all seem happy with the NHS and do not see the UK as the great health model for the world. The Navy is about to take delivery of a new class of D/E boats. So I am for the EC possibly a case for the UK to leave could be made but unless you also tear up all the other agreements made since WW11 I fear you will gain little. The Yanks nor old Empire will want you back and nasty Johnny Foreigner will make life very difficult for you Brits and your economy with the EC Area because they can. Even if you think it will hurt their economies they will be vindictive and ignore rules and agreements as they do now.


    PS For you that ask why I still gob off about UK matters cos I can. I pay my taxes to HMG Whitehall and that with no representation.
  5. The problem is Nutty, if you take the case of a certain Celtic Tiger, when they were asked to start contributing back into the EU, they actually said no!

    Deadly serious; when asked to becaome a net contributor, they refused. That line has been dragging on for nearly two years now, and the EU is proving to be a rather toothless tiger in getting them to pay up.

    As for your adopted country, Spain, they have also raised issues with the EU over the time (2009 I believe) when they are going to be asked to contribute more than they recieve. Standby on that one.

    As for us in the UK, well, I know guys who have fished for 5 generations, and who now have to watch as fleets from Spain fish UK waters legally, but the Peterhead boys cant drop a net.

    As for the rest of us still here, we are also getting VERY pissed off about paying for all the Asylum (economic migrants really) Seekers who have flooded to the UK due to the lax benefit system. Spain has been one of those countries who have turned a blind eye to them transiting there borders and State, as they dont want to be lumbered with them anymore than we want them. Britain went to the EU, asked for the A.S. to be divided up, and we would take our fair share - we were blocked in this by other member states.

    Now do you see why a lot of people in this country who can think past the next episode of 'Eastenders' are starting to ask about our 'benefit' from being part of the EU?

    As for your 'Gobbing Off'; thats down to you to decide whether you are either an Adopted Spaniard or still a Brit at heart. I doubt you can be both.
  6. As for gobbing off I can do it both where I live and where I pay my taxes I put it in to inform people that I do have a financial interest in the UK.

    As for immigrants, Spain has its fair share but they are the ones that speak Spanish, All of South America, North West Africa and until Yesterday Eastern Europeans who speak Rumainian cos it is very similar to Spanish. The English Speakers are the one who transit onwards the frog speakers stop in France.

  7. It would be nice if EEC countries enforced the rule that asylum must be claimed at initial country of entry. Both France and Spain seem to conveniently forget this one. All illegal immigrants arriving in the UK from another EEC country should forcibly be repatriated to the country they initially landed in
  8. I have a (significant) financial interest in 1 other country nutty, and financial interests in another 2.

    I dont live there however, so I dont feel obliged to 'Gob Off' about there state of affairs nor the mood of their peoples.

  9. Slim

    Have you not learnt yet it is only "Jobs Worth UK" that follow all th rules not just the ones which suit.


    More fool you, if you have an interest, either pay tax or live in a place within the EC you have a say. If you just have an investment then sorry no say unless you are paying tax on any gain.

    Nutty xxxx

    PS Slim concerning your last line you can only forcibly return people to a country that is willing to accept them and both the Frogs and Spanish will say NO end of story.
  10. Nutty of course the Frogs & Spaniards say no, they always do. Its about time the UK took them to the Europeon court and forced them to take them back.
  11. Oh what like the frogs allowed us to export beef to France after the European Court told them to.

    Stop looking at the EC with UK, we must obey all the rules all the time, attitude of dotted i's and crossed t's. Get the courts to interpet them Liberally (now thats a word that does not sit well on this forum)

  12. According to a bloke on Radio 4 this morning, the immigrants make a net contribution to our economy but it only works out at about 7p per Native per year. He wasn't from the pro immigration camp. The question is and if that is right, do we want all these extra bodies and additional housing for that sort of return? I sure as hell don't. It is easy "growth" to support the Chancellor's figures, though.
  13. It was 4 pence a person POL.
  14. Not a bad trade off. We benefit by 4 pence per year total from all immigrants but each household ends up paying out £105 to Romania. The sums do not seem to add up. Why is it that the UK has always been one of the countries to put more in than it takes out? Why is it that countries like France and Spain can be relied upon to take out more than it puts in?
    It must be that the citizens of France and Spain would revolt if their taxes were used by their governments to support members of other EEC countries
  15. It seems that too many people are beleiving what they read in the papers, without doing any proper research themselves.
    I'm married to a Slovak beauty, who I met a long time before joining the EU, she was working on a aupair visa and was not eligible to any health care or any other benefits at the time.
    She's now working in a understaffed and underfunded hospital, full of managers. To get her first Nursing job, was a difficult task, I had to tell her future employer about the procedures, they were reluctant to employ, because she had no NI number, you can't get a NI number unless you first get a job. Once getting the job, she had to sit a NI interview, this interview was daunting as while she was sat waiting, all around her were unemployed scum, who don't want to work or if they do no one will employ them, as all the conversations consisted off what crimes they had committed that had given them a jail sentence.
    Once she had a NI number issued, she had to apply for a workers registration certificate as she came from a new ascession state at a cost of £50. this price has now increased.
    In summary, the goverment has rules in place for new state members.
    Anyone in the EU can move and work freely, I'll be doing so soon and so can anyone else on this forum with gripes.
    An EU member can't claim any benefits of an kind until they have paid into the system for a certain period of time consistently and if for any reason they do claim, their time is very restricted. Just the same as what goes for me when I move to Slovakia.
    EU members coming to this country, can't arrive at port and request a council house, they must be here self sufficient or leave, absolutely no benefit.

    However the arguments are different for Illegal immigrants, they work the black market and don't pay into the economy.

    Asylum seekers are the ones that cost us the money, some of whom may have been shooting at us shortly before arriving.

    Also remember that almost all EU members pay into the economy, never taking a penny back or claiming UK pensions, good job really otherwise the gov may up the retirement age even further.

    It's no different to us moving to Spain, doing a job behind a bar and trying to tap off with the tourists, doing a job that no local wants to do. I admit that some skilled tradesmen have been axed to be replaced by cheaper EU workmen, these shite employers need to be stamped on by the authorities, people should be employed on their merits whether they are UK or EU.

    Finally we are free to move around, but in most cases, we're restricted by our laziness to learn more languages to enable us to do so.

    Yes my Slovak is improving

    Dobre Den
  16. Simmo I don't believe that anyone has an axe to grind when it comes to immigrants working, paying taxes and obeying the U.K. laws.
    It is different when we see floods of pseudo asylum seekers and illegal immigrants coming into the U.K. with the intent of milking the welfare system for all it is worth.
    We have enough home grown vermin abusing the system without having to import any.
    As for employers abusing the minimum wage and employing illegal labour, hefty fines and even imprisonment is too good for them
  17. In reality in general the illegal immigrants do not sponge of the state, as illegals they have to work in the black ecconomy to survive, Assylum seekers are prevented by our law from working and are thus obliged to sponge of us until their case is resolved. Most would be happy to woprk and contribute to the state that is protecting them, but as you say never let the truth get in the way of a good dit. Have you applied for a job with the Daily Wail, they need reporters with your standards.
  18. In real life Peter The Daily Mail is representing the majority of British tax payers.
    The tax payer in the main is sick of supporting those who will not work for a living. If I were a journalist it would be a pleasure working for either the mail or express.
  19. That of course does not change the reality that in particular assylum seekers are 'spongers' because we say they must be spongers if they wish to be considered for assylum. Most if not all genuine assylum seekers are ready and willing to work today if they were allowed to do so.

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