Britain leads in "Inventions" can we build the goods?


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seafarer1939 said:
Fiat got to be the worst car I ever bought,my best mate was a dealer and sold it to me,I went around later in an effort to clean his clock it was so bad.
It broke down every week,it rusted away every day,I ended up one dark drizzly night with a windscreen wiper in my hand stopping every mile or so to clean the rain off as the wipers always broke down,
Shite of the first order.

Wipers are the only descent feature on mine, its the rest that's sh1te.
I just need to jack the number plates up and drop a new car between them. Like I said I keep it now as a hobby to see what else could possibly go wrong.
I just hope it's not those friggin emission probes, they cost more than the cars worth.
Agree about Fiat cars-- never had a good one or one that didn't need a lot of money spent on it. Classic was one that needed a new sump original rusted and holed at 21k miles.

French cars aint bad the citroen hydraulic suspension cars I liked a lot for road holding. Bodywork was rust free on my peugeots and Citroens too

Only German cars I've owned have been air cooled T2 vans and the later T25 as camper vans .
As for BMW yes good cars but Very expensive to service and parts are
lottery money to buy ------ .

I now have Land Rovers Discovery and Defenders 90 and the 110 csw
all with 300tdi engines --easy maintained and spares very cheap and easily obtained
Have a Ford transit camper and a Fiesta as a shopping /town car
both very reliable and cheap to run .

The rest of the marques are all not worth mentioning!



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JonnoJonno said:
Some of our most visionary designers and industry leaders end up being exported.

The English dude, Major Ivan Hirst was sent to Germany to restructure VW. What could he have done had he been given carte-blanche to restructure some of our infrastructure?

It's this country's rather filthy habit. There was an unofficial adage in NASA that went "British brains, German rockets, American dollars".

Whatever happened to the Lightning (electric car)?