Britain Jails More Than other Eropeon Country (Discuss)

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Jun 5, 2007.

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  1. New reports are often stating that more people are sent to prison in the UK than in any other European country.

    Do with have a more lawless society than other European countries?
    Are our police more efficient than other forces?
    Is it a case of the young growing up without sufficient supervision?
    Are our laws respected?
    Have some sections in the community abandoned the work ethic?

    How can we improve society and send less to prison?
    How can we stop the large numbers of re offenders from re offending?

    The floor is open to all and any suggestions.
  2. All the crims from Europe are flooding in to UK for the easy pickings I believe. Bet if you looked at the nationality statisticly the majority would be none Brit . I look at the names of serious crimes in Oz and there aint many Smiths or Joneses among 'em. The solution , shut the front and back door start deporting a few ( million ) Get out of the Commonwealth and EU make all commonwealth people aliens . Too many people just going where they want with no control , bound to be crime under these conditions , a breeding ground for the bastards .


    Incidently Slim , I do a bit of research on heavy metal and its effect on human behaviour . Like the ' Mad as a Hatter ' was a fact as the hatters were mad from the effects of mercury used in the making of felt hats . If you are interested in the crime wave have a look at Crime Times on the web , very interesting . I'd be interested in your thoughts on the site .
  3. You do seem to have a strange view of the mother country, most of our crims are home grown, we are quite good at that, if you need some good old Smiths and Jones to fll up your prisons I am sure we can arrange to restart the export trade again.
  4. While I agree with you that heavy metals and even food additives do indeed have an effect on the brain and therefore on the behaviour of the person. I feel that too much is made of these facts by some in an attempt to explain anti social behaviour.
    I have noticed at first hand the effects which certain foods (mainly high sugar content) have on the behaviour of my grand children. Some foods certainly lead to hyper activity.
  5. I think we lock up so many because we leave it too late to intervene. Anti-social behaviour unchallenged leads onto more serious crime. This more serious crime when detected requires imprisonment. Once they have been in prison once, they consider themselves outside of society (and it aint that unpleasant in there) and so they reoffend.

    The issues are break down of the family, no respect from young people for their elders (or the Government). Disillusionment with society and a lack of National pride leading to a feeling they should milk the system for all they can get and society owes them a living.

    We need to engage more with our neighbours, all contribute to society (not just money) community service should be expected of all not used as a punishment for a few, everyone needs to stop being scared of intervening when kids misbehave and the police need to back us.

    Radical idea might be to have a public holiday where everyone is expected to do something in there community and to get to know their neighbours.
  6. Could be something to do with the zero discipline dished out in schools over the last 20 years because of the do-gooder parade making a mockery of good old fashioned respect.
    Im sick of reading about scrotes mugging old ladies, terrorising old folk in their own houses, the judicial system holds no detterent because they know theyll only serve half the sentence, and theyll have free sky TV to boot.
    Personally, I dont care that we lock up more than any other European country - in fact Im glad we lock the nobbers up. But I think we need to dig down to the root cause of it - bring back corporal punishment, let parents smack if they want to, for gods sake just bring back some discipline.
  7. For what the newspapers are worth I have read that the heavies from Eastern Europe find UK a rich harvest for crime and the various areas of crime have been divided up . Drugs , prostitition etc all by nationality . They have names for the groups and the Jamaicans have a name I've forgotten anyway we have our Smithskis and Joneskis in abundance without any further imports . our gaols are pretty busy too . Bring back the lash and noose .


  8. You mean you believe what they put in the papers here, good grief half of them are owned by that antipodean chap Murdoch, and who would believe anything in one of his rags. If you add to his output the rubbish that gets into the Wail and others of it's ilk well I ask you. I've been thinkiing of starting to read the National Enquirer to get some quality news.
  9. You only have to look at our local Court Circular to see the extentof the problem.Well near 70% of offenders are of eastern European origin!
  10. If little faults proceeding on distemper shall not be winked at, how shall we stretch our eye when capital crimes, chewed, swallowed and digested appear before us?
    Shakespeare - Henry V before departing for France and on learning of the treachery of some of his generals.

    A lesson in that paragraph somewhere, one the baying public of the UK seem unwilling to learn.

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