Britain is the most violent nation in Europe!

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Scarface2009, Jul 2, 2009.

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  1. Apart from it being in the scum and scaremongering, the last paragraph holds the key. Different countries have different reporting systems and categorise what constitutes "violent" crime. The way it's reported immediately conjures up images of knife crime, battered and bruised bodies etc etc which MAY not neccesarily be the case.
  2. Other countries have a much better punishment system, not our namby pamby method of punishments and PC gone wrong.

    Which the chavs of today know they can use and abuse.

    If they do that abroad, they get locked up, end of.

    Here they are allowed to build up 100-200 crimes without even being sent to a detention centre because it is not their fault.

    Murderers and rapists all let out after 15 or even less years to commit again.

    Why do you think that when any so called British citizen is caught and locked up abroad they want to serve their time in our prison system. Not stupid are they!!

    I could go on and on.
  3. Which countries do you mean? Certainly not Germany, the Netherlands or Austria.
  4. i was surprised these eastern european countries were low in crime, i mean places like Bulgaria, those places are rough, Bulgaria featured on ross kemp on gangs
  5. Perhaps their prison system is a more 'robust' Midnight Express type of affair.....
  6. Ad I said previously, depends how it's reported and what they class as violent crime, and don't forget it's the REPORTED crime that gets logged. Would you complain to the local police in Bulgaria because the local crime lord had smacked you in the mouth, I think not!
  7. Perhaps if prisons and young offenders institutes were returned from the en-suite hotels that they have become to the spartan conditions that they used to be things may change. At present a spell in the nick is treated by many as a holiday.
  8. I'm not being funny but the prisons i've unfortunate enough to have to visit weren't the palacial affairs people seem to think. I never saw T.V's in their cells and just looked bloody depressing!
  9. Mind you we doi lock up more crims than most of Europe, so perhaps we need to look at your point a little closer.

    I think the real trouble is that we as a society let violence work, I know of people who witnessed crimes who would not even give statements because they feared violence, people who were forced to move because of violence and vandalism for reporting a crime. So as a result violence increases because it works.
  10. Maybe all their criminals have come to the UK?
  11. am not making this up, but i went to Bulgaria in 2007,nice place, but the bulgarians were arragant, looking depressed
  12. Or it could be that the rest of Europe have always been telling the truth and we, the British are indeed a bunch of drunken, spiteful, bigoted, insular aggeresive *********.

    We don't turn into ******* overnight, the British have been this way since year dot, get over it.

    At least we're good at something.
  13. That's how Empires are made 8) 8)
  14. I think you are wrong, it is mainly because for much of my life we have gone down the cheap justyice path, and we are now reaping the rewards big time.

    When I was young drunks were rounded up by the plod slammed in the cells overnight weighed off by the magistrate on Monday morning and had their piccy and details in the weekly courts sectiion of your local rag.

    Today you have to work really hard to get lifted because processing you is just to much like hard work.

    Result towns full of obnoxious drunks every weekend who will be back next weekend because they get away with it. Round them all up every friday/saturday night, issued fixed penalty tickets for £60 take them to the casjh machine to pay up and see how many come back next weekend, do that for a month and the streets will be a lot quieter.

    Same applies all through, all to often the CPS will let a violent criminal plead to affray or even BoP instead of going for ABH or GBH which it should have been.

    The innocent need to claim back the justice system and make it work for society not the criminals.
  15. Fair enough, but I am now 33 and I don't ever remember it any differently. Neither does my 43 year old brother, incidentally he has a 5 inch scar on his cheek from 1983 which proves knife crime wasn't born yesterday. For 20 odd years I have watched us get cnuted in pubs, smash the place up in massive fights and act the same. I've also watched as Brits embarrass us abroad in a wide variety of places with their ignorance, attitude and willingness to get physical.

    We have earnt this reputation, and yes I agree our Judical system is all worng, but it doesn't hide the fact that we as a race are, and always have been, *********. History is littered with proof of it, it's just we choose to ignore it.

    The only difference is that now we are getting away with it. I for one, despite being a proud Englishman, completely understand why foreigners hate us
  16. If I remember correctly so was Britain.
  17. I blame it on the Jocks.
  18. Meanwhile down in New Zealand

    A prisoner who took part in beating a police officer who had been lured into the cells at Pukekohe District Court before escaping, has won a reduction in his sentence.

    Koinaki Grant had been given two years and 10 months jail in Manukau District Court after admitting one count of aggravated injury and one of escaping lawful custody.

    Judge John Clapham ordered a minimum non-parole period of 23 months, but the Court of Appeal has said that was manifestly excessive and reduced it to 17 months. Jodrell Bankers all over the world!!!!
  19. The prison in Jersey is called the La Moye - known locally as La Moye Hilton. Individual cells, TVs, gaming consoles ...deterrent? I don't think so.

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