Britain Hasn't Got Talent.

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by NotmeChief, May 31, 2008.

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  1. What a feed of shit, ITV must still be up to their old tricks.

    Total and utter crap and I will never believe that the British public voted rubbish like that to win.
  2. To be fair, I couldn't do that when I was 12, or however old he is, so if you can't do it, i guess...don't knock it.
  3. I must agree - it was a load of crap. Alright, he's good for a kid, but one of the most talented people in britain? Hmmm...
    None of them were that awesome to be honest, I'm sure the country has more to offer. I wanted the Hula Hoop people to win, just for the sheer hilarity of it all, they didn't even make the final :(
  4. But he didn't do anything either, spun around a couple of times and flapped his arms.
    That fat woman was better and she was crap.

    His so called act only last about 30 seconds, there is nothing else he can add to it. What is he going to do now, go on tour, who wants to watch that for an hour and pay good money to do so.

    I might just watch Royal Variety to see him make an arse of himself.
  5. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    There were three or four acts that were very good, the 12 year old girl and choirboy were streets ahead of the winner. But for my money the four girls with the electronic stringed instruments were streets ahead, How people vote is a mystery
  6. To be honest many acts that win these type of shows have their fifteen mins of fame and then just fizzle out, never to be seen again.

    Didn't think the kid was a worthy winner but you've got to have something half decent to get that far on the show, thought the 4 foxes with the strings would've blasted everyone away.
  7. Wife asked me if I'd vote for Escala, I told her I'd give em one.

    Fortunately she missed my meaning.

    Seriously though,I thought they should have won and I felt very sorry for the oprea singing lad who came third and the young girl as well.

    Hopefully they will get contracts etc as they deserve it.
  8. I wish the girls with violins won.

    They were right fitties.

    And pretty good at playing instruments too =]
  10. I believe the finalists are all going on tour soon, to further line the pockets of Simon Cowell, I suppose he'll give them a bit of pocket money too.

    I think the whole thing is a fiddle and it's planned who they want to go through from the audition stage.

    I could be wrong but in the "semi finals" didn't the last act to perform each night win??

    Still thats over now, we've also got a nice Chubby Nancy and Big Brother starts this week, now lets see you moan about talent and cheating and conspiracy theories, coz thats a fix too, they show you what they want you to see to keep the viewer figures up.

    Mrs Famine no doubt will be glued to her special channel on sky that shows it 24/7
  11. What is all the fuss about? We only have BBC in our house. This wasn't featured in the Times either. Can some one explain please?
  12. You must be very posh!

    Do you dress for dinner as well?
  14. Youre not the bloke called Tracy who lost are you by any chance?
  15. Watched it show for the first (and last) time on Saturday. My God what a load of old bollocks. They call that prime time entertainment? Who wants to watch a dog jumping over some sticks, or some kid spinning around on his back in some water? My sister's an epileptic and she does better moves than that just trying to get out of the bath! The only act worth it's salt was those 5 dorises with the violins. At least they'd have an act that would last more than 5 minutes, and career that would last for afew years. All the others you'd have forgotten about as soon as the credits had finished rolling.
  16. No but I think everybody who enters "lose" as there is only one winner and we all know who that is, not his fault though
  17. Certainly do R_G. Apologies for the delay in responding. Been to St Tropez for a spot of golf doncherno.
  18. Do they dress for dinner in St Tropez ? (Never used too)
  19. Didn't spot anyone else dressed for dinner. Didn't bother myself. Aren't we a bit off thread? Not that I'm bothered. Still don't know what all the fuss is about....

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