Britain's Throwaway Soldiers.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by 2badge_mango, Mar 30, 2007.

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  1. Britain's Throwaway Soldiers.

    Have just watched, on channel 4, a well presented programme by the excellent Martin Bell, pushing the case for legislation to enshrine the rights of those who have served, to have special treatment among their peers rather than waiting for treatment by the NHS.
    Used to be called Military and Royal Naval Hospitals as I recall.

    Anyone else watch it? If so, what did you think of it?

  2. Britain's Throwaway Soldiers

    Did anyone else watch this programme? Martin Bell made the case that UK service personnel are being let down and believes that it is time to "enshrine" in legislation their rights to the very best health care.

    Mr Plank, sorry, Twigg, the Vets Minister more or less came out with the "staff" answer, "We do look after our service personnel, in the best way possible."

    Simon Weston really summed it up for me when he was asked, "Would you recommend the Army as a career?" His answer was along the lines of, " A few years ago I would have said Yes, but now I would say NO.

    Semper Strenuissima.
  3. Re: Britain's Throwaway Soldiers.

    I watched as well. I agree with him but unfortunately I think the people of this country, in general, just don't give a shit about forces personnel. You can detect that by the way some people say that we knew what we were getting into when we signed on the dotted line, as if that's justification for us to be treated badly. The problem is, it's probably the chav scum that come out with comments such as those.
    We can't rely on most of the politicians either. Time and time again they've shown that they have little consideration for the people that go out and risk their lives to do the country's bidding.

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  4. Re: Britain's Throwaway Soldiers.

    Totally right there mate,the sad thing is that the gradual and planned decline of our military is leaving vast numbers of the population without any link to the military at all.They don't give two f***s in civvie street about the size of the Navy or if theres dedicated military hospitals.
    The only thing that bothers the civvy world is the wages at the end of the month and spending money!!
    nothing else,and its sad because the way the Forces in general have been treated over the last few years is a national embarrasment!!
  5. Re: Britain's Throwaway Soldiers.

    The government could never been seen to be treating servicemen better than prison inmates! Heaven forbid that we should be seen to get any 'perks'.
    It seems we are a million miles removed from the US attitude towards their servicemen and veterans. :(
  6. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Re: Britain's Throwaway Soldiers.

    Well you say that, and in general the US do treat their people better, however try googling 'Walter Reed Hospital' and see what american newspaper articles you can find. This was one of their main service hospitals which was exposed as being in a far far worse state than anything we have had so far. It has cost the Army Secretary, a 3*, 2* and several others their jobs.......
  7. Re: Britain's Throwaway Soldiers

    It should be set in stone that mod personel injured in conflict should have the best treatment available. NO MONEY SPARED.
    If having our own hospitals isnt cost effective then im open to the idea it should be done private and as soon as possable.
    Everything else has been contracted out for cost effectivness so why not health care for servicemen injured in iraq etc etc.

    Im not saying we should do away with our sick bays etc.

    Just that someone who has had there face blown off by a grenade shoudnt have piss around with the NHS.
    The same goes for post traumatic stress etc. should just be farmed out to a privte hospital.
  8. Re: Britain's Throwaway Soldiers.

    At least the Americans had the decency to sack/ask to resign those in charge. I don't think any British politicians or senior officers would do so.
  9. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Re: Britain's Throwaway Soldiers

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  10. Re: Britain's Throwaway Soldiers.

    I do believe that even Bush has apologised, any chance that Bliar might do the same? Not a snowballs chance in hell!!

    Yesterday the flag finally came down at Haslar after 250 years as a military hospital. Was there anyone from MOD there? NO!! Just another pointer of how contemptible this goverment is.

    Keep Striving.
  11. I don't really think that there is a need for private hospitalisation for serving or ex-military personnel, but there is a need to improve their treatment to get them from the wards and back into the action as soon as possible, and the NHS is not achieving this.

    I, along with no doubt many serving personnel, would like to see a return of the Royal Naval Hospitals and Military Hospitals, but I don't believe that this is really cost-efficient nor really appropriate when the decreasing size of our military forces is considered. I believe that a better option would be to include a number of all-ranks and services 'military wards' in the larger NHS Hospitals, where servicemen can recieve priority for treatment and surgery. Surplus beds can be alloted to civilians so that the hospital capacity doesn't suffer.

    Of course, there will be certain injuries to service personnel that will make a return to service impossible (limb amputations, for example). Such personnel should be immediately medically discharged and dispatched to a private hospital as a civilian, with the fees paid by the government. The reason I suggest discharge before being sent to hospital is simply so they don't have to be paid. A touch cruel, but necessary for cost-effectiveness.

    However, I think that most trouble from the treatment of service personnel stems from the bills. Who pays them, and who should pay them? Really I think it should be the NHS as they are the National Health Service, and ergo the service responsible for the provisioning of healthcare to all British nationals. As it stands the MOD pays the NHS for services rendered to service personnel. This is horrendous especially as the NHS already recieves the second biggest share of the budget already.
  12. We were told, more than 15 years ago, that the above arrangements were what was going to happen. The RN Medical Service was daft enough to believe the politicians and NHS managers who said that they would honour those arrangements. Derriford Hospital has Stonehouse Ward where RN Medical staff are now part of the NHS, RN/RM patients have to get in the queue and NHS managers treat the armed forces with the same contempt that they always did. Military hospitals reduced local NHS funding and so they had to go.

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