Brit awarded damages for anti-British harassment

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by thingy, Aug 12, 2008.

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  1. That's it then. On the flip side, I suppose we can't call 'em Paddys or Micks anymore. And I expect Jock and Taff are out as well.

    Standby for bouts of nationalism.
  2. ENDEX!

    So the bogwogs were beastly to him. So bloody what! Thin-skinned nance. Having said that, I expect he's now blubbing all the way to the Bank.

    This is the sort PC bollox that will destroy all of us.
  3. God bless America. Where would we be without them? We wouldn't know how to make a no-win no-fee claim, or how to claim damages when we don't like our job.
  4. Invade the bastards, send in the tanks, bomb them into submission, take out the oil line............... sorry i thought i was in the Kremlin for a minute!!!!!!!

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