Bristol Post: "Marine Denied Payout Over 'Wrong Injury'"


Lantern Swinger
On his return, Mr Nicoll spent a year as a recruitment officer in Bristol before qualifying as a physical training instructor at 42 Commando's base near Exeter, where he put new recruits through their paces to make them fighting fit.

As an officer in charge, he had to set an example during training exercises and fitness regimes. But he started to feel pain in his knees, which gradually grew worse.

more bumderheaded journo mumbo jumbo
If he was a PTI he would have been leading the example in shorts and fun boy 3 hat to wear in Exmouth.....biff knees unlucky but not unusual. If he wants compo like war injuries not a chance....


Lantern Swinger
'Mr Nicoll, who lives in Fishponds and refuses to use a walking stick because of sheer pride, wonders what kind of future he has because of his disability.'

This smacks of vanity more than pride!

Given the choice of using a walking stick to prevent further injury/damage or not, then who in their right mind wouldn't

The future looks somewhat complicated for this bloke and exasperating an existing condition wont help at all


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