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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by murgles, Jul 12, 2007.

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  1. My wife and I were intending to go to St James's Palace to have luncheon /reception with Prince Andrew in his capacity as Commodore-in-Chief, Fleet Air Arm.
    I declined when the conditions for entry to the Palace insisted that apart from the official invitation one needed to produce a Utility Bill no older than three months or entry would be refused.
    We didn't go.
    An army officer pal of mine has invited us to a Delhi Day Celebration at RMA Sandhurst in August.
    Again, apart from the official invitation ones passport and recent utility bill has to be presented at the gate.
    We're not going.
    Reasonable behaviour or not? What do you think?
  2. I think its disgusting.
    I wouldn't go either ;)
  3. Good to hear you have standards.
  4. They may be low, but there are some things still beneath them :)
  5. I wouldn't go anywhere where that freeloader Andy was going.
  6. An arguement for ID cards?
    Are you serving? If so a service ID card should suffice - it does every where else...
    The problem is, you know who you are. They don't necessarily. Looks like the terror goons are winning in some small way.
  7. How low can these Pr!cks Go!!!!!!!!
    Whale sh!t jumps to mind
  8. Was it a pre 1945 gas bill that they asked for? If so they are probably just checking to see if you are ex SS
  9. I agree that it's a good argument for ID cards. None of us is now serving and I understand the reason--but who wants to queue up at an official dressed- up do having a gas bill inspected to see it's less than three months old. Perhaps the terrorists have put an end to any dignity associated with such events--Shame
  10. Who needs ID cards when a simple hand mirror would suffice........yes officer that's definitely me. Ahh, just wouldn't work with vampires.
    Round again then Cox'n, if you please!
  11. What is the world coming too?????????????
  12. Have you taken your medication?
  13. Stop it Norman.
  14. That's me fkuced for going to the ball then - I pay all my bills online.
    Mind you, I got into Sandhurst with my invitation and bus pass last year!

  15. I went to the Garden Party at Buck Palace on Tuesday and even with my security clearance I still had to take my Passport, a recent utility bill... so you weren't by any means alone. The last time attended a Royal Garden Party, at RAF Bentley Priory, all I needed was an immaculate uniform and my ROC ID card. How times have changed! ...Mind you, I was skin then! :)

    I have no complaints. I happily enjoyed a pleasant afternoon sailor spotting :biggrin:
  16. I've got an ID card now, it's called a bus pass. Don't suppose that would be good enough though. I also pay all my utility bills on line so how would I get on. It's never no mind I don't suppose I will ever get invited to one of these knees ups! Thank god would have to buy a tie.
  17. Yes....repeat NO!
    Nurse mixes stuff up for me in a nice big warm glass of brandy in the evenings. There's red ones and yellow ones and green ones and ones with stripes and even two with handles. Nurse pours this mixure straight down my throat because, as she says, I need my hands secured to the wood and stainless steel chair stop me falling out to one side. This has happened before and she's not 'going through all that again'. Reloading involved a shovel and loads of distinctly incorrect manual handling techniques. What do I care, the walls are melting again and there goes the top of my head.....whoohooooooooooo!

    Nineteen years of service in HM Submarines did not do this to me by the way...........(is that how you wanted it typed Minister) oops! :party:
  18. One would have thought passport and driving license would be ok but I went for a job interview the other day within my service and still had to take 2 utility bills as well as driving license and passport plus marriage documents.
    They even asked me to move my camel from the carpark as it was crapping every where.I ask you!!
  19. if you do all your bills online you could take your lap-top and hope its in a wi-fi hotspot.
  20. We had to take a photo ID and a Utility Bill as well as the ticket when we marched on the Falklands 25 Parade last month, my wife had to take hers as well for sitting in the stand.

    I do all mine online so do not get any bills from utility companies, banks, credit cards. The only thing we had was a council tax bill and a water bill, they are now outside of the 3 month window so I don't know what I can use now.

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