Brighton and Hove Council Snub Falklands War Hero !!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Nicks, Jun 15, 2007.

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  1. Here is a story from my Local Rag:

    "Old soldiers have condemned a council for declining to carve the name of a Falklands hero on a war memorial.

    On Monday The Argus reported how the family of paratrooper Steve Prior wanted his name inscribed on the memorial in Old Steine, Brighton, to mark the 25th anniversary of the conflict.

    But they had been rebuffed by the former Brighton Council in the 1980s and had no success with its successor, Brighton and Hove City Council, today."

    They are refusing on the grounds that the War Memorial is a listed building and it is highly unlikely they would get permission to carve the name.

    Full story in the link below:
  2. Correct me if I'm wrong but is the purpose of a War Memorial to remember those who died for their country in war? This man gave the ultimate sacrifice, much more than can be said for those bloody council... [Add suitable word here].

    Sad state of affairs we have now. This man needs to be remembered for his bravery, going back under fire to try and rescue a wounded oppo, not wiped from the slate.
  3. :afro: if he had one of these or one of these :farao: or even one of these :rambo: he'd have probably got on, but a soldier who did his duty and more than his duty NO Chance typical of our modern society ain't it
  4. There was a vote option on the Argus website and currently stands at 80% in favour of including his name on the memorial.
  5. ONLY 80%!! sez it all about Brighton and Hove doesn't it! should be at least 99% minimum
  6. From personal experience of working with English Heritage, they tend to be fairly open minded about changes to listed buildings (how open minded depends on the grade of listing).

    It might be an idea to petition them to allow it, before putting more pressure on the council. As always ..if you don't ask don't get
  7. If your going to petition English Heritage, they have an office in Swindon with a research library open to the public - just in case you wanted to visit and look into listed buildings!!!!

    They also have a main office in London
  8. Oh yes, only a matter of time before a serious conversation becomes a racist rant... :pukel:
  9. War Memorial listed? That seems rather odd to me. After the Falklands War the name a local lad lost during the conflict was carved upon the War Memorial and upon the Roll of Honour in the local C of E church in Cranbrook, Kent, where I march every year at their Remembrance Parade.
  10. Not that odd AAC, listing means that it would be difficult for a property developer to get rid of one (to build a house in its place) and English Heritage can if needed hand out grants of money to help maintain/restore listed buildings and keep the Memorials there for future generations.

    As for Brighton, this seems more of a general policy not to attempt to update and correcy their memorials rather than a specific snub to the Falklands fallen. Though this just makes it worse in my book.
  11. The war memorial in Brighton is situated in the Old Steine in the centre of town.
    It is an imposing structure and includes a pond, which for most of the time is empty, with the rest of the stonework starting to look tatty.
    For a town which attempts to call itself a City it is all a bit of a disgrace and in need of a lot of TLC.
    Brighton and Hove are far from the tidiest town in the UK and it is little surprise that the war memorial is in the same state.
  12. So, some fcukwit is stopping the memorial being improved by the addition of another hero's name.

    Perhaps the word 'fcukwit' should be engraved on his forehead instead.

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