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Brighthouse/Formaly Radio Rentals/Baird Brighthouse brand.


Was a bit too traumatised yesterday/early today to pen this.

Finished shopping yesterday and was having a delish pot of tea in York Piccadilly branch of M&S.....spacious.
Directly opposite is Brighthouse store, not open long but had been meaning to pay a visit.

Had a swift Sterling tab in outside door area of M&S...getting some snotty looks but they break off PDQ.
Front of store is REFURBED but looking brand new cookers/big fuck off fridges, mid area is comfy settees with individual cushions, not stitched in like other shite.
Have yet to be approached by any salesperson, only one other punter in store shelling out a fair wedge of cash at mid area sales/advice desk.

By-pass big fuck audio gear, you know where I am very smart jobsworth unboxing a 40 inch
tele, gives me a quick smile and carries on, store manager watching jobsworth.

Two cloggie REFURB Philips, good but not good nuff, latest ad for go compare on all teles, laff my tits off, by now jaw is beginning to drop, read a deal card, pretty good, elder brother had advised not to bother, he had heard from a bloke who heard it from a bloke.....

Jobsworth has finished task and has disappeared into store room, manager has finally approached, swift explanation of cash/credit/rental/delivery/back up/repair/set up, grabs a card from 50 inch Baird and shows me, credit bit steep sez I, his thumb is covering first's a two.

What do you watch Sir, two item list, sport/film, he starts to link in a nearby DVD player so move back to audio, BLACK refurb, oohh, manager calls me over, quick smile and guns the remote....

OOOOwww, Sam Tomkins dancing through a Saints defence who resemble 60's era dreadnoughts, coasts in,

Swift hands from teammates and Tommo ghosts in, recent, well deserved Man of Steel.....for a pie eater.

Now unboxed REFURB 40 inch is on.......£375, with small scratches on screen, you would only see this in direct sunlight, silver which would match my gaff light grey walls

VERY immpressed, ah'll be back after hols in June, Baird....BRITISH made.

Refesh rate.....eggselent, looks, FRO Samsung/LG/Sony/Tosh, Baird 11 out of 10....NAILS.

TIBO TI400 HiFi System

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War Hero
Brighthouse = High prices & Even Higher Interest charges.
It's a store aimed directly at the buy now never pay Chav Market.
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