Briefing tomorrow


As it says on the tin, got my briefing tomo.

Im actually excited for it, feel like things are getting started.

quick question tho, how long does it generally last for? just the car park is a pre pay so just want to know how much to put into the meter!
They rarely take more than an hour; however, just in case your CA needs a bit longer with you, I would give him/her a quick call before you set off to check.
nothing to worry about. just him giving you a few pointers and making sure that you know what you are doing.
good luck shippers! just remember that basic training is not the navy! The real training starts when you hit your first grey one.
Just go with it. Trust me, when you get to Raleigh there will be people who really don't have a clue, and seeing that you have researched this, you will stand out. But be careful, a class leader is what they are looking for. If this is your cup of tea then make sure that you actively take charge of anything your class is asked to do. However, tow the line, and make sure that your classmates do it because they want to, not because you've told them to do it.
My instructor told me "basic training is easy." "Boredom will be your biggest problem in the navy".

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