Bridlingtons RN War dead commemerated in Bridlington

Listed below are the names of those men and boys of Bridlington in the Royal and Merchant Navy who gave their lives in WW1 and are commemorated in Bridlington's Sewerby Road Cemetery. A collection of all these peoples service history,photos and any other details has been collated by Shipmate Andy Pare (LMEM(M) and Falklands Veteran) and will be available for the people of Bridlington to see this Saturday at the Priory. This date is 100 years and one day since Bridlington's first Royal Navy service men gave their lives in the service of their country. Fair winds and following sea shipmates,we will remember them.

Writer Telegraphist
John Raywood Charlton
HMS Pathfinder
KIA 5th September 1914

Assistant Steward
Joseph Edward Hirst
SS Runo
KIA 5th September 1914

Able Seaman
Arthur James Clarke
HMS Bulwark
Killed at sea 26th November 1914

Stoker 1st Class
Edgar Ernest Wood
HMS Bulwark
Killed at sea 26th November 1914

Deck Hand
Albert Martin
HM Trawler Othello II
KIA 31st October 1915

First Writer
Charles Piercy Pratt
HMS General Wolfe
Natural causes 26th November 1915

Able Seaman
Christopher George Edm ond
HMS Indefatigable
KIA 31st May 1916
Battle of Jutland

Stoker 1st Class
Edmund Grimshaw
HMS Indefatigable
KIA 31st May 1916
Battle of Jutland

Leading Signalman
Thomas Alva Thresh
HMS Indefatigable
KIA 31st May 1916
Battle of Jutland

Ordinary Seaman
Charles Clifford Roberts
HMS Queen Mary
KIA 31st May 1916
Battle of Jutland

Signal Boy
Herbert Wilfred Howe
HMS Hampshire
KIA 5th June 1916

Ordinary Seaman
George William Dove
HMS Hampshire
KIA 5th June 1916

Able Seaman
Albert Dobson
HMS Lowestoft
Died of injuries 23rd November 1916

Deck Hand
Alfred Burgess
HM Trawler Dagon
Missing Believed Killed 8th December 1916

Master Mariner
Ernest Haldane Schofield
SS Norwood
KIA 11th February 1917

Deck Hand
Hugh Percival Lonsdale
HM Trawler Lord Salibury
KIA 4th May 1917

Deck Hand
Christopher Brown
HM Trawler Epworth
Lost at sea 22nd May 1917

Stoker 1st Class
Tom Turnpenny
HMS Vanguard
Killed 9th July 1917

Able Seaman
Tom Dove
HMS Mantua
Died of malarial fever 4th August 1917

Alfred Walkington
Steam Trawler John M Smart
KIA 12th December 1917

Able Seaman
Albert Miles
HMS Tornado
KIA 23rd December 1917

Ordinary Telegraphist
Arthur Albert Henshall
HMS Bittern
Lost at sea 4th April 1918

Deck Hand
John Henry Simpson
HM Trawler Yucca
KIA 24th May 1918

John Bagley Senior
SS Montebello
Lost at sea 21st June 1918

Seaman Gunner
Thomas William Pashley
SS Area
KIA 2nd October 1918

Deck Hand
Thomas Edward Purvis
HM Trawler Kalmia (minesweeper)
Died of wounds 8th October 1918

Deck Hand
Tom Milner
HM Trawler William Spencer
Died of influenza 12th October 1918

Chief Steward
Ralph Ernest Rippon
SS Gitano
Lost at sea,exact date unknown recorded as 23rd December 1918

It would be great if any surviving family could attend our service at the Priory,1000 hrs till 1130 hrs,all are welcome.
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