Bridge to Sick Bay


Calling MA's, Docs,CMT's, QARNNS and anyone else with an interest.

I couldn't find a Medics forum on here, so apologies for the broad brush approach. This post applies to anyone in the Medical fraternity whether Regular or Reserve.

Since the Defence Medical Education and Training Agency(DMETA) thinks it covers everyone, it would be interesting to have your views on this thread.


Le Chevre


Lantern Swinger
I wouldn't worry about the site, as it is probably only used as a route to the web in most cases. When it was first discussed, it was supposed to be a source of information for all who had access. What we've got is a (still) largely undeveloped method of DMETA slapping itself on the back and saying how good it is.

The Quinquennial Review of the DMS was a crock and DMETA is just the worst part of it. A wildly expensive headquarters of people with little idea of their subject matter, no business acumen or track record, but dealing with savvy NHS people who rip MOD off at every opportunity.

But I'm not bitter!