Brickwoods Top Tips required

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Jesters_dead, May 20, 2007.

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  1. Having debate with my number 1,
    Is it best for back of box port side to run round the gun, as devon port seem to do,or stay close to the port wheel number, therefore helping brake, but trying to avoid being bitten by the wheel?
    No names no cap tallies so no point asking.
    Also I know it's not "real" field gun so don't give me abuse as it's all thats left and just trying to keep the tradition going
  2. Which bit of drill are you on about?
  3. Sorry,
    Going into first button up. Port side back of limber box.
    Some go from putting a break in then follow the port side wheel number in (Can pinch the team member between limber/gun if not out of the way quick), other crews seem to put the break in, peel of and run round the gun as the button up happens by which time unlimber has been called and straight in on the way to the box drop. Just after pros and cons from salty old gun dogs!!
  4. Sorry can't help - it's all swahili to me. Any "field gunner" likely to do the double this year ? - lose something off each hand 8O
  5. The only advice I can give is don't be stupid enough to drink the sponsors ales.
  6. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Run into first button up and brake. Don't forget, however, that the Limber hook needs to be facing the Trail eye at such an angle that the 'Go' by No5 will allow a decent drive and pull by all to get the whole kit mobile. You, as port side BoB should follow toward the wheel number through the gap between Limber, port side limber wheel and starboard gun wheel. You then assist with spoking the port wheel and as soon as the kit is mobile and 'Unlimber' shouted by Number One, you should strive like **** to get your hands back on the handle and start driving like **** to the first action and drop zone. As son as both BoBs are in place (and they should be running anyway) the box should accelerate smoothly toward unspoke and drop.

    Any laziness or slack drill will result in either No6 kicking you like **** out of the way or being bitten by the trail, somewhere between sock level and mid thigh. If you run 'round the gun', you run the risk of going out of track.

  7. Thanks levers,
    Apart from going outside the track is there no advantage to peeling round the gun? Like I say just wondering, our number 1 is a very switched on guy and I'd just like to go to him or the limber captain with answers rather than problems.
  8. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    It is difficult to see how you can effectively go left round the gun if it is already on the turn to follow the limber into the first button up. You really need to follow the gun in and skip into the gap and either close up on the limber drag chain to give it a haul on 'Go' or help spoke the wheel and get flying back onto BoB. With the gun on the 'kink' and the limber wheels stationary on the 40yd line, it needs every one to get on the kit to get it mobile, least of all to get the gun moving for the 'unlimber'.

    If you are No8 (is it?) then I'd want your hands on the drags or the wheel to add some more pull.

    Good luck. The soldier-boys are becomeing the force to reckon with in Brickwoods.

  9. But wait.

    Gunney Buckley and his intrepid 16 (woops sorry 18 :oops: - my gun wheel days are long gone) from The Ark are flying home next weekend to upset the apple cart!!
  10. Only 16???. You need 18 for the crew mate. I know Nige very well and ran for him at Collingwood as a wheel number in 2000. Please pass on my (brighams) regards.

    For once in my life I actually agree with LA. :oops: Just dive straight through the gap and don't hang about doing it either or the trail number will pinch your fat arse when he goes to button up. Don't bother with trying to spoke the wheel, as you won't have time, unless the curly button up is being timed with a sundial. :lol:

    You will need to be quick to catch up with the box on its way to the limber down or your wheel numbers will have problems getting their wheels off as you are not helping with a slight lift as the slat number turns the box.

    Who are you running for if you don't mind me asking? I am with Collingwood.
  11. Just shown Nige this thread and he has the BoB standing to one side during curly button up.
    Quote Too much of a pinch point" otherwise.

    Me running?? With my creaky knees, Nah leave it to the youngsters. I will be running up the Jetty in Hamburg to the nearest bar (couldn't even get speedy stop watch LOL

    Nige says Hi back by the way - He would type it himself but sausage fingers and all that...........
  12. Cheers Fish. My 'who are you running for?' was really aimed at Jesters Dead.

    Standing to one side is the norm as it goes, but BoB normally do leg it through the gap between limber and gun, but he has to be quick. :)

    Tell Nige, I will see him at Collingrad when he gets there and the wets are on him. ;-)
  13. Who am I running for? Loose lips sink ships and all that!! White rats are out there and watching!! With their ratty tails and twitching noses just waiting to take my hard earned sheckles and port fines!! Your advice has been great and really enjoying taking part in a decent thread rather than people savaging each other and seeking out Walts!! I am running through the gap by the way, and yes I have been pinched! just need to be quicker.
    I will see you on the track as it were!
    Thanks again
  14. Replace track with "Beer Tent" and then we may bump into each other 8)
  15. Intresting stuff,
    First time Brickwoods field gunner too. On back of box same place as Jesters_dead (fleet air arm with a name like that?). Going through the gap between the left hand limber wheel and gun. Bit of a squeeeeeze! but get onto the limber after the un limber. Pinched by the gun handle too!! stings a bit!! We've had a finger in the breach also which was fairly harsh!! thankfully it stayed on though. What kind of times are out there at the moment? or is that top secret?
  16. Well with a name like agrippa I wonder which crew you are running for??!!
  17. Not very sporting mate, when you consider you came on here asking for tips from others and you GOT them. You may not be so lucky next time matey. :roll:
  18. 1.18.088 - beat that and its a new record. :wink: :lol:
  19. I won`t pass any comments on to-days gun crews, it just makes me want to cry.
  20. Not very sporting mate, when you consider you came on here asking for tips from others and you GOT them. You may not be so lucky next time matey. :roll:[/quote]

    Sorry for any offence caused. :( Like I said thanks for all your advice.

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