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Brickwoods Field Gun Results

I work not to far from the Hall & Woodhouse Brewery (Badger beer) I have no idea where they get their water from but if it is from the local river I can understand why their beer (lager and bitter) is so bad.
higthepig said:
Field Gun,what a load of rubbish,schoolchildren could do better,what was wrong with the real Field Gun runs,are we so worried today that the little dears may hurt themselves?,Isaw the last one on tv with a jenny in it,I cringed with embarassment,it was pathetic.

Just a little update on this, we do have school children in this comp now, we currently have all four VCC units plus two sea cadets units, of which I train one of.
Despite having a nostalgic feeling for the old gun run, as performed at the Royal Tournament, and famous country wide (probably the best advert the Andrew ever had), I would like to congratulate all who keep it's spirit alive, albeit in a much reduced form.
At least the results show a fine performance from several RN teams.
When the "lady PTI" and her colleagues appeared on TV, if my memory serves me correctly, the Pongoes won it!!


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