Brickwoods Field Gun Results

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by brigham600, Jun 13, 2006.

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  1. For anyone who may be interested in the result.

    Was a cracking day and very, very hot. Enjoyed a good few beers with the crew after the event.

    1st HMS Collingwood A crew
    2nd HMS Heron
    3rd HM Naval Base Devonport
    4th HMS Seahawk
    5th 7th Air Assault Battalion REME
    6th HM Naval Base Portsmouth
  2. Field Gun,what a load of rubbish,schoolchildren could do better,what was wrong with the real Field Gun runs,are we so worried today that the little dears may hurt themselves?,Isaw the last one on tv with a jenny in it,I cringed with embarassment,it was pathetic.
  3. Talking about the real Field guns. What has happened to them. Have they been sold to some foreign navy or something?.
  4. Think some of the old guns are in museums nowadays. There is a FG museum in Devonport dockyard which has one of the old 'real' guns in it.

    Hig. Whilst I can see what you are driving at, afraid the real field gun ended in 99 as I am sure you are aware. Its all that is left now though I am afraid and many 'ex-command' crew members are in the Brickwoods crews these days. May as well embrace what we have left even though it will never throw up the real challenge of the proper field gun runs.
  5. :?: We're just goin' like the Canadians, all their armed forces have the same uniform just a different colour (or is that color?) train in the same place.
    But that so called 'field gun' shown on the tele' was really really awful I too cringed watching it. :( I MEAN THERE WAS SQUADIES AND THEM FLYING PEOPLE RUNNING IN IT. What town in history did they relieve :?:
  6. And to top it all as i seem to remember she dropped the axle pin and thus lost the team the race and the Competition!

    (p.s. you get a better quality of Injury with the Original Field Gun Comp!!)
  7. Since the demise of the Royal Tournament, the Field Gun competition has become even more of an anachronism. It has always been unsafe, it's just that now there are no professional field gunners - something to do with cost-cutting.

    The thing about safety is that if everything is safe, it means life becomes bland and uninteresting. Even the boring continual references to one particular new entry training establishment bemoan the loss of the mast manning ceremony and that was for reasons of safety, as well.

    Can we return to the days when, if a job needed to be done, it was done by the first person able to do it, whether standing on a chair, rather than a step ladder, and not having had the minutest specific training course to change a lightbulb or whatever? Probably not, but what a sad, inefficient, litigious society we now live in.
  8. I do understand what you are saying and I think that in reality although the services did ask people to do dangerous things like the field gun and mast manning for example they did take sensible precautions and trained people to to the job with minimum risk.

    The problem stems not from the services but industry where good training was not always given and sensible standards were not enforced. My brother worked in the building industry for a time and trying to enforce even common sense safety was an uphill struggle. Legislation was inevitable, and regrettably that legislation has to apply to all so we find our enjoyment curtailed not through our own fault but through the fault of others.

    That regretably is life, and as long as people are stupid we will find people trying to stop them.

  9. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    So fully trained and sensible precautions would be, week two or three in the RN driven to St Vincent in a bus , stood in front of the mast, being shown the Devils Elbow by the Instructer (from ground level) then told to go up one side of the mast and down the other via the Devils Elbow in both directions.
    The positive side, not one person out of the 30 or so there refused. But to talk about training and sensible precautions is nonsense
  10. I love the way Brickwoods result can evolve into a health and safety discussion. :)
  11. On the other hand compare the number of people killed a seriously injured doing things like mast manning with the numbers killed etc on building sites at the same time and perhaps the RN did get something reasonably right.

  12. Never mind the field guns what about the Brickwoods. Finest laxative ever!! 8O
  13. That was only if you could stand the taste in your mouth long enough for it to get into your stomach.

  14. Are we still talking about beer here?!!? :oops: :lol:
  15. Yes

    Peter :twisted:
  16. :) What about Badger beer as well then. That stuff is disgusting and the one brewery that finally put me off Bitter.
  17. I work not to far from the Hall & Woodhouse Brewery (Badger beer) I have no idea where they get their water from but if it is from the local river I can understand why their beer (lager and bitter) is so bad.
  18. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Standby for incoming from Nutty who is a Tanglefoot fan....I find their new Extra Smooth pleasant
  19. Tanglefoot aka Twisted Ankles
  20. Just a little update on this, we do have school children in this comp now, we currently have all four VCC units plus two sea cadets units, of which I train one of.

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