Bribes -new tactics in Afghanistan?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by WhiteRabbit, Dec 2, 2009.

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  1. Re: New tact for policy in Afghanistan?

    I might have got this wrong, but I got the impression that they are going to pay the young unemployed men who would otherwise be recruited by the taleban, correct? If that is right, will they be paying them to do a job - such as tasks that will benefit the people currently living in the area?
  2. Re: New tact for policy in Afghanistan?

    I was a bit mystified as to who was going to be tactful to whom, then I realised that you meant "Tack". :?

  3. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Re: New tact for policy in Afghanistan?

    2BM wrote
    And that creates a tautology.

    WhiteRabbit instructed
    My italics. Another tautology? Whack? FFS! Journalism is it WhiteRabbit?

    You first.
  4. Re: New tact for policy in Afghanistan?

    Bloody hell, sorry people I didn't mean to start a riot. I don't know the full story, it seems a very vague report to be honest but from what I interpreted it seems as thought they will be trying to bribe the young men of Afghanistan, but from what other reports read most of the fighters are coming from the likes of saudi and pakistan so I don't see how it would work.
  5. Re: New tact for policy in Afghanistan?

    They were paying the Afghan policeman who shot our tropps FFS!!!
  6. Re: New tact for policy in Afghanistan?

    What an outrageous suggestion, people from that region of the world bending over for baksheesh.
  7. Re: New tact for policy in Afghanistan?

    My Journo alarm is going haywire.
  8. Re: New tact for policy in Afghanistan?

    The world knows that Karzai's government is run on bribery and corruption, so what do we do - join in ?
    I've heard of fighting fire with fire ... but has it come to this !
    Our troops were sent out there by a corrupt, lying Prime Minister, to bolster the regime of another corrupt president. Lives were lost in order to 'safeguard' a corrupt election. Now we're being asked/told to buy the loyalty of potential taliban recruits. Seems to me we've already been there, We train their police, only to have one of them gun down our lads.
    Time to come home methinks and leave the barstewards to fester in their own sh1t !
  9. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Re: New tact for policy in Afghanistan?

    Opinions contrary to HMG's world view are allowed but for a first post, it was a Spanish trawler fleet of a fishing trip with undersize nets and sonar.

    MLP wrote
    So White Rabbit, what is it, lazy journo or bad spelling student?

    The idea that Broon's government may consider crossing palms with silver doesn't surprise me. Liabour maintain a support base through welfare. However dole bound rat boys with baby eating dawgs are unlikely to take the Giro and then vote Tory. The Taliban hopeful is more likely to take the bribe (if that's what is going on) and shoot and bomb allied soldiers sailors (yes Norman, sailors) airmen and marines anyway. Cheers easy.

    Thread title changed to make a little more sense.
  10. Re: Bribes -new tack in Afghanistan?

    I can see this being published somewhere - and as such am staying well clear. Strongly advise others to do something similar and not feed the troll that is the misquoting media.
  11. Re: Bribes -new tack in Afghanistan?

    The reality as I am told is that not all those who at present support the armed struggle against Karzai and the West are dyed in the wool Taliban who base their opposition on narrow religious reasoning, rather they are people who at present get more out of the Taliban than they do from Karzai, be that opportunities to make big money through the drugs trade, at one end of the spectrum, or having food in you and your families bellies at the other.

    Ghese hangers on would seem to be the key targets for 'special payments' as this would bring them back into the central government fold. The sepptics did this a lot in Iraq and claimed significant success through it.

    It is of course very unlikely that such payments will have any inpact on the religious zealots, though the fall in support for them will tend to expose them more to coalition military action.
  12. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

  13. Re: New tact for policy in Afghanistan?

    Come on then White Rabbit - the answer is still hanging "unanswered" - what are you? Journo on a fishing expedition or something else?
  14. Re: Bribes -new tack in Afghanistan?

    As I understand it this will be nothing new, as that pasta eating country whose battle flag is a white cross on a white background have been paying off the insurgents for yonks.
  15. Re: New tact for policy in Afghanistan?

    FFS! Why on't you get your head out of your ******* arse and get a reality check!??? If I was a journalist then why the **** would I post the question relating to the ARMY on a NAVY site!? I knew that the UK are worried about falling standards in education, but they need look no further for the daft cnuts! Well maybe not daft, but certainly those with the highest opinions of themselves. Quite frankly even if there were a journalist read this (which they could do with any of the posts on here; not a factor which many simpletons consider) there aren't any significant conclusions to be drawn that the public haven't expressed already...hardly a story!

    The reason that I don't use any navy/rm/forces slang is because I'm not in the forces, nor do i pretend to be! I am a student studying Biomedical sciences, hence the bad spelling, and am waiting for a POC date currently and hoping to be accepted by the RM.
  16. Re: New tact for policy in Afghanistan?

    Is that concrete fact or speculation? That opens a can of worms if it is true! Pretty shit forsight by another great labour descision
  17. Re: New tact for policy in Afghanistan?

    Well I, for one, think it was a perfectly legitimate question - which you initially evaded!

    Your FIRST post comes in with a Poll - which we have seen Journos use in the past as a cack-handed way of getting a bite out of the uninformed. I can see the headlines now "8 out of 10 service personnel condemn Brown's plan to bribe the Taliban"

    So, White Rabbit, get your head out of your own arse and start to THINK before you post!
  18. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Bribes and deals? What makes everyone think that this isn't the way conflicts are always resolved? I think we are all still a bit pumped solid on our vanquishing of the Nazis seventy odd years ago. You are never going to win wars against resolute civilian-based adversaries. The only way you will win is to wipe them off the map. Whilst that may suit some of the less than ideally hinged who post on these boards, even with the best will in the world it isn't feasible or morally correct. You are part of a large military unit, deposited in unfamiliar territory against a flexible, adaptable foe which uses highly unconventional and efficient means. You can pump all the equipment and gear in as much as you want, the one thing you haven't got is time and the element of luck. Currently the yanks are bankrolling what was left of the Northern Alliance to stay onside and trying vainly to refinance their means. Or they turn against us. Is that a bribe?

    I recently was in the company of a very, very senior officer who served out in one of the eastern theatres who told me and my colleagues (under CHR) that he had to broker a deal with a local military celebrity and it worked. Less attacks in exchange for what they wanted. The deaths and injuries tailed off. Is that wrong?

  19. Re: New tact for policy in Afghanistan?

    Have a quick re-read of the thread pal, you'll fin that the question wasn't dodged at all; merely answered the next time I logged on!

    That is a fair enough comment about the poll and your worries but I can assure you that I am certainly not trying to catch you out and I hope you respect that in future posts, so I apologise for any unease or confusion.

    Quite frankly, considering your first comment that this is indeed my first post it needs to be taken into account that holding a spanish inquisition and questioning someones character to such an extent is not the best recruiting tool! Pluck your own head out of your arse and realise that there are perfectly harmless potential recruits out there and not everyone wants to try and rip you off. Now that we are aquainted, thank you very much for your posts and for the advice; it is much appreciated.

    The last post was excellent by the way, gave me a different perspective on it. Good first hand account levers, no I don't think it is wrong if it reduces the casualties I just wonder if it is sustainable or a quick solution, haven't the fogiest!

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