Brian Hanrahan RIP

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by scouse, Dec 20, 2010.

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  1. Re: Brian Hannarahan RIP

    RIP to a great reporter.

    Guess he'll be sharing the skies with all the Harriers he counted out!
  2. Re: Brian Hannarahan RIP

    RIP and every respect for him.

    Constrained as he was his reports were believable.

    His now famous quote 'I counted them all out, and I counted them back' must have brought considerable comfort to the families of those flyers at a worrying time.
  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    RIP, a sad loss.

    Pity the BBC are reporting that he famously broacast counting the RAF Harriers as they returned from a bombing mission.
  4. Why? .... other than the fact they were not all RAF (if memory serves - was a few years ago now.)
  5. Whilst doing the Red Sea Clearance Op in 1984, he came onboard the Gavinton, just as we were loading ship to find me threatening to kill the Chandler who had supplied us with 40 kg of butter marked "US FAMINE RELIEF - NOT FOR RESALE".

    Later in the mess he was trying to get a sub story on the "Aid going astray" etc, but after a few CSB's he'd lost interest. He was a nice guy.
  6. A widely respected journalist and I will miss his intelligent analysis of world events and uncanny prescience. I have just heard his colleague, Robert Fox, being interviewed on The World at One. He described Hanrahan's cool professionalism during the Falklands conflict and pointedly remarked that he didn't possess a big ego like 'some' on the scene. I wonder which single-handed liberator of Port Stanley he could possibly have had in mind?
  7. :roll: :roll: 801 SQDN had 20 pilots 2 were RAF Have all the names at hand... maybe someone has the headcount for 800Sqdn????
  8. Nice to know the famous succumbed to CSB. I was thinking it was only me!!!
  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    My point is simply that the BBC are not remotely accurate on the occasion of the passing away of one of their most respected & indeed accurate of reporters.

    For those of us that were in the same task force, it is important, to others perhaps not.

    Edited for inaccurate spelling, ironically.
  10. Too busy jumper tucking, hair bleaching and eating quice :D

    Standby for incoming quice crumbs!!! :D
  11. RIP Journo.

    I agree with NS I think it's important.
  12. Agreed.

    I was young stoker on R12 when he made that speech. The morale he inspired in us by using those words was untold and instilled a sense of comfort (in me at least) knowing the rest of the world was listening to our plight.

    And I do think it is important that the BBC pay some attention to detail. Would they report that the country was led by a Liberal leader assisted by a Tory wannabe? I'd bet not.
  13. I've just finished the book "Don't cry for me Sgt Major" Hanrahan according to the journos who wrote the book was a self seeking journo who promised to send back stories for other embedded reporters and failed to do so. Thus ensuring he had the scoop.
    Reading the book he was hated in Fleet Street and reported the war from the only from safe positions.
    Before reading the book I thought he was a top class journalist, by the end of the book these impressions had been shattered.
    I would recommend reading the book for anyone who served at the time of the Falklands, it brings back memories most of which are not very pleasant.
  14. I must apologise to the late Mr Hanrahan, I confused hm with Max Hastings, so once again sorry Mr Hanrahan.
    Still worth reading the bok though

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