Brewery may pull plug on Strongarm

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, May 10, 2007.

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  1. I used to like a few pints of Camerons Strongarm back in the 70's.Nice drop.
  2. No accounting for taste Andy, preferred Nimmo's Ales from Castle Eden Breweries and also Vaux beers. However Federation Ales sold in the workmans clubs ( brewery was owned by the clubs) was brilliant and cheap.
  3. Brickwoods Sunshine Ales --Slim----There used to be a big hoarding stuck on the side of one of the first pubs outside Victory Barracks.!!
  4. Do you remember the Brickwoods Field Gun events?
    For those who were not able to be real field gunners.
    However mustn't gob off cos I would never have made the Brickwoods gun crew.
    Certainly wouldn't have applied for the Brickwood drinking team. Does anyone on RR admit to drinking Brickies?
  5. Still go on at Collingwood.
  6. Well Brickwoods was a rather watery bitter----good for a thirst slaking, and naturally confirmed everybodies views --that bitter and other beers were the stuff of parts above the Watford gap.!
  7. I once spent a week at RNSD Eaglescliffe. Camerons Strongarm made it bearable. Another bit of brewed heritage lost (Strongarm, not Eaglescliffe).
  8. A whole week in Eaglescliffe!!!!! Jeeeeeeeeeeesus I hope the flashbacks have faded P_O_L.

    The Station Hotel!!!! :( :(

    Hope you are fully recovered now mate. :p :p :p


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