Bret Michaels has Brain fart

Bret Michaels the 'singer' from Glam/Heavy Metal band Poison and 'star' of the god awful reality show 'Rock of Love' has suffered a severe Brain haemorraghe it is reported.
While the news must be depressing for his many fans, read skanky white hos, meth addicted trailer trash, the 7 members of the Poison Fan Club and the German Heavy Metal Bund, I find myself thinking how many of the well used chicks lining up to become Mrs Bret in the next season of RoL will have to brush up on their colostomy bag changing and dribble from the chin wiping skills. :twisted:
Having suffered one of these a few years back it is the mother of all headaches good old NHS put me in a bed next to a geriatric coughing cnut luckily a side room came available.

Well the black and decker and araldite worked then it was watching tv with sunglasses for months and no driving license. Yep he will no be playing the fiddle for a while
Then anyone who has appeared on the cover of 'Hello' or 'OK' magazine.

Infact, anyone who buys the bl**dy things deserves it too. Or have they already suffered, hence why they buy the rags in the first place? :scratch:
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