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For a start, with a disabled wife, the car is too important for me to risk drinking and driving so I don't,maybe one glass of wine over dinner but that's it,so?
I'm car touring Eire this summer what happens if I have two glasses of wine and get done?will I still be classed as losing my licence in the UK?or even in another EU country with lower limits than we have.
I just don't know the answer to that one.
I re-iterate I don't D&D but I'd like to know the law concerning that and speeding/ Parking ticket offences in another EU Country.
If anyone knows I'd be grateful.
It's probably a waste of time to have a limit set in Ireland the way the Micks neck it down!
D&D in Eire (or anywhere else for that matter) is not recommended as there are quite often routine checks even on the lesser class of roads where you might not expect there to be one. Car tax and insurance evasion is rife in Eire and the Garda quite often stop cars to check. Insurance disc is displayed on windscreens (similar to tax) and they don't need much of an excuse to ask you to "pull over and blow into this please."

Ensure you have your DL and insurance on you just in case. Enjoy your time and make sure you take in the "Forty shades of green".
Thanks for those,that will clear it up for me.
Now I've just got to find out where my Grandfather planted his bloody praties ! and the large tin box he hid somewhere on the farm and never recovered!
Tight old git!
It's probably under the Blarney Stone. Failing that, a thorough search of the Guinness brewery might reap some rewards. Don't take the car!!!


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My uncle (Sadly departed) moved there 30 odd years ago. I have a few cousins who treat the DD limit as a target, and then some more.

I think you'll be fine having a couple, just make sure you make it out of the pub and give way to anyone driving on the wrong side of the road.
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