Breakdown of training for ETME (SM)

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by hello_there, Dec 1, 2015.

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  1. I am applying for the Submarine service (ETME) can someone breakdown the exact stages of training for me to make sure Ive got it right and also so that I'm clued up for interview? (location, duration, correct order, etc)

    PRNC - 4days - Either HMS Collingwood in Hampshire or MOD Caledonia in Rosyth
    HMS Raleigh - Basic Training (phase 1) - 10 weeks - Plymouth

    Then onto your specific training for your BOP. This is the part I cannot seem to find much info on. I understand that there is SMQ dry and SMQ wet - is this known as Phase 2 training or is Phase 2 before this? I have found that SMQ dry will be 10 weeks but I'm not exactly sure of the location - HMS Sultan in Hampshire or Faslane? Then SMQ wet, is this when you actually go to sea? Very conflicting information out there and some thread which came up in the search are quite old so I dont know if anything has changed.

  2. You'll do ET(ME) course at HMS Sultan which is Phase 2. Depending on what class of boat you initially get drafted to you'll then do SMQ(D) either at HMS Drake (Plymouth) or HMS Neptune (Faslane). You'll then go to sea for SMQ(W).
  3. Thanks. So will the phase 2 be 10 weeks? And will it not be specifically submarine related, in other words Ill be training with ET(ME) who are going surface fleet?

    Also how long is SMQ dry? I understand SMQ wet is completed in a max of 12 weeks correct?
  4. I don't know how long ET(ME) course is but the course is common between surface and boats but then the submariners go to the nuclear school in Sultan (Rutherford block) for Junior Rates Short Course, I don't know how long that is these days, used to be 6 weeks.

    SMQ(D) is 10 weeks IIRC, once your on a boat you do indeed have 12 weeks to complete it, and you get your Dolphins at the end if successful, and your submarine pay starts.
  5. ETME course is now 30 weeks

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  6. The official RN website says that after basic you will do 16 weeks at Sultan then move onto your SMQ Dry followed by SMQ wet. So when you say 30 weeks do you mean phase 2 is now 30 weeks or the whole thing?? Since phase 2 is 16 weeks that would only leave 14 for dry and wet.

    I don't want to be caught out in the interview but the information simply is not out there. Which is quite frustrating.
  7. They introduced a new syllabus this year for the ETME course, it is now a 30 week course, if you google Royal Navy marine engineering at Sultan it should bring up the webpage. My son was on the first intake of the new course. I am unsure about the SM element but would imagine this would be in addition to phase 2 as you will need to pass his element before moving on. that helps and good luck with your application

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  8. cheers found it
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  9. Hi my son currently competing ETME (SM) he completed 30 weeks at HMS Sultan and moved to Faslane currently completing 10 weeks dry phase then into 10 weeks wet phase hope this helps.
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