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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by mark33, Sep 16, 2009.

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  1. hi all this may seem like a silly trivial question but as i dont know the answer it aint that silly to me. i'm currentlt applying for et(mesm) after basic training at raleigh i go onto do futher submariner training then onto do engineering, but what if between the end of one course finishing and the next starting if there was a gap of longer than say a week what happens? are you put on leave? sent to a careers office? or given other things to do i've spoke to some lads in army and they get sent to careers offices between phase training is the navy the same.
  2. IF there is a gap between basic and trade training rest assured you will be kept busy.
  3. Get the wets in
  4. take it from the amount of responses no one really knows what happens i assume it dosn't happen often but i'm sure on occasions it must.
  5. It happens quite often. You will be gamefully employed painting the grass so that it is nice and green for the next VIP visit.
  6. i wouldnt mind doing that suppose it beats the shit out of trying to communicate with some teenage cretin that thinks the world owes him a favour and that once he is in navy thinks hes gods gift to all that breaths.
  7. janner

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    Thats you told Drakey
  8. You'll be held over in a division at Raleigh and put to good use with PT and community activities, I remember building a gazebo for some mongs when I was on holdover a few years back, was great fun.
  9. You wish lol!
    No if you're on holdover at raleigh you'll usually go to Hawke div. where you'll be doing duties from community service which means anything from painting ,gardening,digging holes,putting up fences etc (come rain or shine),or polishing cannons,doing some door duty,or cleaning etc.
    At other establishments you'll be buffers party,and again same old going around picking up gash,sweeping and polishing.
    Or the worst out of all,but some lads liked doing this one 8O ,sitting around in an office doing nothing,and making tea!I hated that one,i use to throw my dummy out the pram when ever the office staff use to tease me that i was going to be in the office with them :evil: i use to say i'd rather go work with the buffers,while everyone else was dying to be in the office.
    Little hint if you want to get out of doing duties,sign yourself up at the learning centre,the bad side to it though is you're expected to sit at a computer and learn!

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