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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Rumrat, Mar 28, 2013.

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  1. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Some of the standards set for defining poverty strike me as being a bit odd. 14 million people who worry about financial security? That'll be most working people who are quite rightly nervous about job security.

    If we just go back a couple of generations to when our grand parents were kids, running around barefoot and sleeping 3 kids to a bed they'd look at todays kids living on the "Breadline" and think with their designer clothes, flat screen TV's and cigarette smoking, wine drinking parents with a rye smile and a touch of envy.

    I'm not saying there's no such thing as a poor person in the UK I'm just saying that calling someone poor because they live in a damp house with hot water, electricity etc is a bit different than calling someone poor who lives in a shack with a candle and cold water.
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  2. Bang on there Blobbs

    the previous government tried to lift people out of poverty simply by providing further monetary 'benefits'. as we now know, spending money on the welfare state like a drunken sailor is simply not the answer (no offence meant Stirling:))

    Statistics can be twisted and manipulated to satisfy any argument so i am very sceptical about these 'surveys' invariably funded by/conducted by 'left' leaning organisations with some form of anti government agenda.

    as an example, if people living in a council house are dripping about there not being enough bedrooms to house their 'increasing brood of next generation of benefits claimants' then do what the rest of us who don't live in a council house have to do which is STOP HAVING MORE CHILDREN YOU CRETINOUS RETARDS
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  3. When I think about the early 80s and Alister Burnet reading out the jobless totals every night it doesn't seem nearly as bad to me
  4. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Followed by the weather forecast style map of the UK with big sun coloured stars getting slapped on it with "100 jobs created in Liverpool" or "50 jobs created in Hull" written on them.
  5. Surely those with a rye smile would drink whisky not wine?
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  6. I like what you did there, but surely it would be 'whiskey?'
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  7. I was having a social evening and in conversation mentioned that in childhood if I did not clear my plate it was;_ "Those poor starving children in India would be grateful for that." In our house it was always India not Europe or Africa. My oppo chimed in with" In liverpool it would be next door."
  8. *Sharp intake of breath and sad shake of head* :hmph:
  9. Some of it is probably relative though, when I was younger school trips were always somewhere local, whereas nowadays my friends who are teachers are saying how they go all manner of places, which is bound to be more expensive. I was also quite happy with a skipping rope, a tamagotchi and some hand me downs from my siblings- but now being a youngster and wanting all the newest gadgets and clothes to fit in does seem a lot more expensive. Mixed with rising cost of living and that it's not surprising really that these percentages are shooting up. Obviously that is just one aspect, it is sad to hear that people live worrying day to day about some stuff that most people are lucky enough to take for granted, although like someone else said, compared to t'olden days even those unfortunate enough to live near the breadline have it alright compared to that
  10. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    If some parents would learn to say no to their Kids demands for designer clothes, footware and toys their lives would become more manageable. I and several others on here come from an age that if you couldn't afford it you didn't have it, often there is no need to be in debt, manage your budget and live according to your means. Most of all ignore the offsprings cries of everyone at skool has one, its often not true.
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  11. Many schools in inner city areas cancel all trips due to the division it causes.
    Fact not a dream by the all's well in Britain brigade.
    Funny how most of the dismissive reaction to whats happening here comes from folks across the water. Distance lending ....etc.
    People with money or who are comfortable take little notice of the "invisible" deprived and when the subjects brought up they feel uncomfortable acknowledging it exists. They have no data to refute but a good instinct in these matters and know a drunken benefit cheat.
  12. Mate if you watched the programme it is a bit more serious than saying no to luxuries.
    A woman working as a Mental Health Nurse full time and them doing a break down on here finances. She was poor and living like an animal. They do programmes about people like her in the red nose show but it's usually Africa not London.
    My own sister in law works all hours and has three kids, they are not designer bods they live very sparse and frugal.
    When the weather is freezing and heating bills go up and they are inflated anyway, she struggles. No school trips here mate unless I dib up which I do, winter coats and the like present problems as kids being inconsiderate buggers "GROW".
  13. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Dry your eyes princess.

    I've seen and worked in inner city schools, I've helped out the absolute stars that double as teachers who rock up early to cook a breakfast so when the kids turn up in PJ trousers, slippers and a school sweatshirt because their parent(s) cant be fucked to get out of bed and feed them or prepare them for school because they are lying comatose in bed due to last nights drug or alcohol intake, the very same teachers then sweep the school playing field for spent needles before letting the kids out, In fact one school in Leeds I was at only had one pupil turn up correctly dressed, nourished, with lunch box and a yearning to learn every day, her mum used to get shit from the other pupils parents because she was the local whore, full marks to her I say and I'm still shaking my head at the fuckwits who gave her shit whilst spunking their benefits and child benefit up the wall at the expense of their own children. With the very generous benefit system in the UK there's no real poor people who compare to the real poor and needy in this world who regularly go without food, shelter, medical aid and water.
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  14. It's time to stop helping the feckles long term benefit whores who have never worked and have no intention of working because they are too well off abusing the system.
    We need to help those who work but are in low paid (minimum wage) jobs. Many of these would be better off on benefits but instead because they have the work ethic struggle to live.
    Cut the benefit payments to the feckless, increase allowances to the hard working lower paid families.
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  15. Sitting on a hill in New-Zealand you of course can see through your time warp to Britain now.
    If you think there are no poor in UK your dreaming.
    You know all this because you Think you've been amongst it.
    Try living it and not for a week.
    I ain't asking if we are a deprived nation I'm stating it as fact. I have until very recently be close up hands on to the problem and unlike all the ex service millionaires have lived the life.
    I am neither a drunk or druggie but struggled with two kids and unable to work because of the said two kids.
    I don't need sanctimonious "I've seen it types telling me thank you I've lived it and ain't **** retentive about admitting it.
    Walked away or drove away from it at the end of the working day did we leaving all the poor folks to muddle through?
    It's so easy to be smug and judgmental until it becomes a reality.
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  16. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    What ever Rumrat, here have a cyber hug.

    We are going to have to agree to disagree, your poor is my hard up. To me there's a difference.
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  17. And if you can jump over here very quickly I am off out to one of these drunken families abodes to process the damp that's running down the wall.
    If they'll move their empty bottles of course and get rid of the sharps.
  18. I'm with you on this one Rummers, the Government should be doing more to stop people procreating when they can't fund the kids they are bringing into the world. That was your point wasn't it?

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