Breadline Britain revisited.

It went well for a while, apologies for crayoning on your thread Rummers.

Never believe the stuff you read in the papers, especially our local which is surprise surprise part of News Int.

The so called survey in my link if you follow to search page gives an indication of how they TRY to bend the truth, biggest mistake they ever made was to open stories to the public cos they have had a new arsehole ripped almost every day. The area in question is NOT in abject poverty, far from it. Tang Hall is the estate next to me, the locals and I will tell you the survey is pants. Sky TV on almost every house, difficulty driving down the street as cars parked both sides, they did not arrive on a Tuesday before 9 o'clock as they would see box after box of re-cycles stuffed with empty tinnies, bottles of wine, beer, pizza boxes. Week after is grey bin day with the crows having a field day with the overflowing bins full of takeaway cartons, you getting the picture.

Ignatious Lumpopo is a Montyesqe/Billy/Guzzler hybrid with all fingers on local pulse and is right almost every time, check any edition of York Press you will find him leading from the front, I love him to bits. Give me a minute and I will get the links.

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Yes I know what date it is, I do not believe in folklaw.

I assumed I had all bases covered but Blobbs bless him kicked me on the shins.

Where did I go on the 31st of March 2013 ?, only one of you sussed this, the rest have had their Samson radars down for maintenance.

Where did I go/was taken 28 th of March 1998 ?.

One of you deserves banning for being selfish, vindictive and downright malicious, Finks did not deserve a ban, Redmist came out to play and did not deserve a ban, the mods pulled it thankfully but not before the recipient had quoted the selfish one. I will leave it to the regulars who drive the site to vote on the ban, for once I will abstain.

Yours, Richard.......not, please , Dick.
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Answer to the first question above.....

True, had 2 bits of good news yesterday and was a bit bunged up so went to celebrate with just a couple of pints/much needed laxative. More good news, the local had budget cut the pint by a penny, bad news was an old drinking buddy was in and invited me to join his party. John is a nasty piece of work and has done time for manslaughter so you do not say no to him if you want to keep your teeth. Ditting on with him he seems to have calmed down after his stretch, when his mate can get a word in he ask me which pubs I frequent, ''Very rare I drink nowadays as I am mentally ill'', well that broke the ice and John was a bit shocked that I had come out with it to a complete stranger. After that the afternoon took off, like being back on the mess with all the banter, only had 7 pints but I was wobbly as fuck...................mega day.

Answer to question 2 above.

Try 15 yrs to recover from a very debilitating illness which I would not wish on anyone, no not even the egotistical selfish one.
Been out and about today so may have missed Billy as I thought he would suss what I was trying to say.

You are one of the better one's on site Wrecker and thank you for responding, finally.

Am starting to up my training from today to prepare for my much needed holiday in June so will not be around as much.
I will hopefully tie up with MG, Bob and Frogs if he is not too busy for a pint or three.
The person who I believe should be banned, even if it is only for a week/month should be considered as the rules of CA are quite specific, I have crayoned there myself but I and I doubt even cunt would stoop so low as to tell another member of site ''Is your mother dead you cunt'',
I may have one word wrong but it is as I remember it.
The recipient quoted the barbed post in time before the original could be deleted by the twat who penned it.

Difficult to know which MOD pulled the recipients reply, thankfully, but it was up long enough for me, and quiet a few others to see it ( public forum so how many other non site members read it, again, difficult to judge).

Cheers again Wrecks for your timely response.


Edited to add, thanks fishhead you posted while I was typing.
Lil's yes, but that has rules to obey too, Redmist posted a cock shot which had him banned, yep it was wrong but IMO that post was pulled as it made the majority of the site regulars look inadequate, smiley thing.
I saw the post Stirling and I agree, he is a c.nt. He posted about my late wife a while back.
I wanted him banned then.
Noted, he attacked me for being mentally ill.......nobody else on site had ever bothered.

Keep your mouth shut and never rat on your friends, Robert De-Niro spoke thus in Goodfellows....should we out him publicaly, MODS, any thoughts.
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