Brazil to build nuclear powered submarine ??

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by notafourknotfudgepacker, Jul 11, 2007.

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  1. Brazil have been developing the SSN for neigh on 25 years now. Their intention has been to adapt a German designed 209 class and drop a RPV into the middle. They achieved a working reactor section in the mid-nineties in their research facility and have also managed to indiginously build they own boats, so now it's a case of putting the two together and build the infrastructure needed to complete the job.

    From a technological perspective, there is no reason why their goal can't be achieved: they have the boat, the reactor, the fuel (Brazil has one of the best uranium enrichment processes, even beating the US in that respect). What they now need is the investment in the training and support for the nuc side of things.

    Personally, I'd also like to see the military capability that they are trying to meet, although it has probably got more to do with being a SSN-carrying navy in the region (other Latin American countries aren't even in the same book in this respect, much less the same page) and to refine their nuclear power production capabilies (although why would they need a SSN for that?).
  2. Maybe they are building a strong defence capability to fend the rest of us off when their deforestation really sods the Climate up.
  3. it will beat astute into commision
  4. I'd like to see the Brazilians spend the money on the estimated 30 million street children living in the favelas (slums) or on the streets of cities and towns across Brazil. Spending a few bob putting a stop to the appalling violence visited on them by drugs gangs and the police would be money well spent too. Gangs, elements of the police and private security agencies see the killing of street children as a "profitable" enterprise since "clearing up the streets" is good for (usually illegitimate and criminal) business.
  5. Harry, I'm afraid your impression is out of date. There was a problem of some local merchants arranging the deaths of some street kids about 15 years ago, and those responsible have been caught and dealt with by the justice system.

    That doesn't decry from the favelas, where drug gangs are rife. However, the numbers you quote are vastly over inflated - the population of the country is 160 million - and not every kid in the favelas is a street kid. The situation of the favelas are not so easily resolved by throwing money at the problem, and some measures are being implemented, such as spending over £500 million on bringing sewers and drinking water to the slums.

    As I said earlier, the SSN project is only a small part of a larger project to develop nuclear power in the country, a country which has to date relied on hydro-electric power for its supply and these have reached capacity, with state-wide black outs a few years ago. Nuclear is there, as in the UK, the only realistic option for mass energy generation.
  6. The Brazilians have been talking about this for 20+ years now, and I just cannot believe that they have either the money or the breadth of technological base to do it. The Canadians, with a major domestic civil nuclear power programme, looked seriously at buying Trafalgar Class boats in the late 1980s - after seeing how much it costs to support them over 30 years, as opposed to just buying them, they realised that they couldn't afford them! They really are serious players' toys, and I cannot see a capability need for them for Brazil - some good, lon-legged, SSKs would be much better for them. As for 'buying a 209 and putting a reactor section in' - its just laughable!
  7. My sentiments exactly.

  8. I would certainly agree that creating an SSN is no mean task especially if you have never made one before. If one adds to that the fact the Brazilians have never designed a submarine the task even to convert an existing hull is even greater. That of course does not mean it is impossible. The Brazilians have for example built up a commercially viable aircraft industry out of very much nothing.

    I would agree that trying to shohorn one of our nuc plants into a 209 hull is laughable, but the Frog's Rubis hull is of a similar section to the 209 and I do remember a Canadian company came up with plans for an even smaller nuc plant when they were dipping their toes in the SSN water so that idea may have been sold on and re-surfaced in Brazil.

    Do they need an SSN, well that is their choice really and yes they may be biting off more than they can chew, but it is their cash, and even if the SSNis a flop I suspect they will benefit from the investment in the technology. Will it beat Astute in to service, no, I suspect that they may be licky and get theirs into commision before Astute pays off

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