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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by brazenhussy, Aug 8, 2007.

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  1. Ok, my ship is in re-fit so i need something to occupy myself - so have opened a bar!
    there is one rule here, you must bring a fellow member of RR- and give a reason for doing so...........................................

    (and beer is free........._)
  2. Is it topless?
  3. what do you think im running-- the avondale????????/

    no its classier-- hooters franchise!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Who's on the pole?
  5. [​IMG]
  6. ok on the pole----------- any ideas???
  7. Spartan - his brap brap brap routine would go down a treat, especially in fishnet stockings.
  8. AP could do WALTzing Matilda ;) :D
  9. s**t------ dont start!!!!!!!!
    this is a fluffy bar--------- no (choke) aggro!!!!!!!!!
  10. A fluffy bar - hey! Lovely, put me down for two ladyboys and a pink flamingo. COD.

    Burp burp burp.
  11. I've got visions of the first UK branch of Coyote Ugly - am I close?
  12. top idea!!!!!!!!!
  13. I vote for JC on the pole ;-)
  14. What you do on board then BH when ship isnt in refit ?
  15. Are the men bottomless?

    Did you say it was a pink and fluffy bar? Can I bring my pink poodle?
  16. As CO- pretty much what i like hun!!!!
    and keep my crew happy (I hope!!)
  17. Are the men bottomless?

    Did you say it was a pink and fluffy bar? Can I bring my furry handcuffs?
  18. Its not a fetish club babe!!!!!!!!!!
  19. I'm bringing AAC cos I know he's a gentleman and wont try to trap any birds I try to pull.
  20. and we're back on thread...................... thanks Slim xx

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