Braveheart Was Welsh

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by trelawney126, Apr 4, 2012.

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  1. Just watching a documentary about William Wallace, turns out he was Welsh and was born in Porthmadog.
  2. Aye and his Granny was a Sgt Major in the 1[SUP]st[/SUP] Gurkha Rifles.
  3. Still a Celt cunt who fucking cares?
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  4. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I thought he was an Australian?
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  5. Anything is preferable to being a German bastard.
  6. Rather shit in my hands and clap than be a bitter chip on my shoulder Jock. Scotland the only third world country that is not red hot.
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  7. I am sure there are a lot of Germans who think:

    "Ah well it coud be worse, at least i am not a bigot Jock bastard "
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  8. Third world! I don't think so with all the cash pouring in from the English taxpayer, free prescriptions, no tuition fees, £150 paid weekly towards care fees even if you are a millionaire, free hospital car parking.

    As for having a chip on our shoulder, I don't think so it's our southern Germanic neighbours who carry that burden.
  9. Bet you make the most of care fees you maltese swimming bigot. I'm all up for Salmond and his independance, fucking have it, in fact build that fucking wall 50ft high. Lock out the most bitter, one eyed fuckwits for good.
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  10. Do you think we are fucking mad and came doon the spey on a digestive, we are aboard the gravy train and travelling first class.
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  11. More like gravy dribbling down ya chin you doddery old cunt.

  12. I'll get back to you on that one as I have to pop down the garden and hose about 1000 litres of water on my veg patch.
  13. Well that would be fucking stupid. You enjoy your hosing, you cunts get enough rain, you deserve it.
  14. I'm with you on this one Frogman! In fact move the bastard thing a few miles south as well ... keep the Geordies out as well! Its a well known fact that the orginal site of Hadrians Wall was just north of the Watford Gap!
  15. Excellent plan, pen up all you Romans, Angles, Saxons, Jutes and Normans in one area, we will run a water pipe down to you when you are drinking your own piss, for an extortionate price of course.
  16. We should show more empathy for people who like to cross dress and throw logs about.
    Theyre 'spechull' you know.
  17. Oh dear, oh dear, must get the hearing tested,,on watching the re run of the programme it would appear that he was originally from Kernow and was employed in a medieval bakery knocking out oggies, screwed up the recipe and was exiled via Wales. Ended up trying to make them in Sterling Castle but after several more fckups invented the haggis.
    sorry for the cockup
  18. Dunno what all the fuss is about the water though, Jockland is partially underwater at the best of times and the reservoirs down 'ere in Kernow land are toppers. Is there a shortage somewhere?
  19. We do don't we, whereas you have the first part, there is only famine, plague and pestilence to come.
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